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RUSH: It is Open Line Friday on Thursday, ladies and gentlemen, because tomorrow starts the traditional annual Hartley Open. It’s the Hartley Invitational. You have to be invited. It’s our annual guys’ golf trip to Hawaii, and we’re going to be taping a couple of episodes of The Haney Project while in Hawaii next week. The first one was Sunday without Haney. It was just me, the production crew and the cameras out there getting an idea of my golf game — and there was some chitchat interviewing with the off-camera producer. Then Monday after the program I went out to Emerald Dunes and Haney showed up. We went to range, putting green, and played three holes — all on tape — and we’ll get together with Haney on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week out in Hawaii.

This is going to be a blast. It’s going to be a hoot. The first two were with Chuck Barkley, which everybody admits was a lost cause. In fact, they told me… Have you ever seen Barkley’s golf swing? Have you seen it, Brian? I mean, it’s… Here’s a guy who’s a professional athlete. It’s got five hitches in the swing. Do you know what a ‘hitch’ in a swing is? It’s chop, chop, chop. He’s got five of ’em, and Haney worked hard trying to get rid of the hitch, and they couldn’t — and the last episode, from what I’m told, Barkley had to get some of his buddies out there to play in the last episode to get some decent golf out there. Ray Romano did the second season. I think we start airing in January, so we’ve got from now until January. They say two to three days a month and there are eight episodes a half hour each. It’s typical television.

They’re going to have hours and hours and hours of videotape that they’re going to have to edit down to 30-minute segments (well, actually 22 or 23 because they’re sponsored) and, as is the case with every show I do, they’re going to end up with more than they can use. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they expand the season by a couple episodes and have a bonus (particularly if I improve a lot, which I fully intend to do). So tomorrow we got Urbanski from Los Angeles doing the program. He will be interviewing my brother, David, on his fabulous and great new book: Crimes Against Liberty. I said the other day — the book came out on the 23rd, three days ago — that I’m really proud of David. This is just a tremendous effort. Really, really hard work. Well written. You know, books like this can be…. Well, they can be monotonous and they can be…

Like, I love Friedrich Hayek — The Constitution of Liberty, Road to Serfdom — but they are laborious. You really have to get into it to read it. They’re deep. A book like this could be, but David has made this as close to a page-turner as you can get with this subject matter, and he delves into areas that most people have not put in print — that nobody’s put in print — about the combination of Obama’s character and his policies and so forth. (interruption) I’m not going to be in Hawaii the whole ten days that I’m out. There’s the Labor Day weekend. Hawaii is… Here’s what’s going to happen: We’re gonna leave here (get wheels up) at 7:30. We stop in a city I’m not going to mention to pick up some additional guys, and then we hightail it to Hawaii.

We’ll get there about noon or 12:30 and after 11 hours on the plane we’ll head right to the golf course. Team Vodka will tee off about an hour after we land and when we finish we head back to the host’s house. This is a blast. I don’t think this trip, but one of the dinner social things with these guys will be part of The Haney Project I’m thinking. You know, I host the guys in November, always the first week in November, for The El Rushbo Invitational. But we just have an absolute blast. But we’ll be leaving… (interruption) Damn right we play golf every day! Damn straight, Snerdley. (interruption) I live on the beach. Why would I go to the beach? Besides… (interruption) No, no. We play golf.

Team Vodka!

Play golf!

Team Vodka!

(interruption) Allen Brothers in the evening, five or six massage babes. (interruption) Oh, beach? Well, we see the beach from where the host lives. It’s a great view and a great, great location. We’ll be leaving for home next week. We’ll play golf next Friday on the third and probably depart Hawaii late in the afternoon and probably get home at five in the morning on Saturday the fourth or whatever, and then have the Labor Day weekend. So it’s not all going to be golf. People are going to think I’m Obama if… (laughing) When did he get to Martha’s Vineyard? He got there Sunday or whenever, and he’s playing his fourth round of golf today, but he’s president of the country. (interruption) Yeah, I know, David’s book is #2 on Amazon. It was #1 shortly after I told people about it, and he’s doing great on these interviews with Hannity.

He was on with our brother Levin. He’s been on with a lot of people, and Urbanski is going to have him on this program tomorrow. (interruption) Somebody just asked me if I will have to come off the golf course for a conference call on the economy like Obama did. We mentioned this in the first hour. The media actually… We had a montage of audio sound bites. In fact, let’s grab it. I guess it’s number three, might be number four. Let me see if I can find it. It’s coming up very quickly here. Yep. Audio sound bite number three, last night and this morning. All these media people, they trumpet this as breaking news.

LAPIN: President Obama took a break from his vacation, holding a conference call with his economic team.

VAN SUSTEREN: The president took a break from his vacation to have a conference call with his economic team.

VARNEY: The president held a conference call from his vacation.

MACCALLUM: The president held a high-level conference call with his economic advisors.

JANSING: President Obama today held a conference call with members of his economic team.

HUDSON: President Obama took time out of his vacation to hold a conference call with his economic team.

RUSH: Imagine this. So he had to have a call. In other words, ‘He’s on vacation and, damn it, he had to go to work! How unfortunate! How unfair that our young president had to take a conference call while on vacation.’ By the way, my brother’s book #2 on Amazon, that’s both nonfiction and fiction lists. That’s not just on the nonfiction list. So we’re all very proud of David. This is the book. If you need one, it’s the handbook going into the election. This is the one to prepare you with knowledge to be able to answer any question from, you know, idiots, dorks, and nerds that you run into who may not understand what all the issues are. So, anyway, that’s the rundown and so that’s… (interruption) What? (interruption) Well, no, no, no. This is the usual end-of-August, first-week-of-September — depending on the calendar and how the dates fall — annual guys’ golf trip. We used to do this in Spain, Ireland, Scotland, and we’ve decided to keep it domestic and go to Hawaii. (interruption) Yeah, a couple of the guys are going to be on the Haney episode that we shoot on Tuesday. Brett will be in the foursome on Tuesday. Snerdley is continuing to ask questions here.

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