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RUSH: Chris, Portage, Indiana, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Welcome.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Congratulations on your marriage, by the way.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. Appreciate that.

CALLER: I was calling in regards to the nuclear rods in Iran. The Russians were supposed to put them in on the 21st of this month.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: And what do we do now? ‘Cause Iran now has an active nuclear plant.

RUSH: Too late now. Now, here’s the story in this. Supposedly John Bolton said that the Israelis had whatever was the number of days prior to the 21st, ’til the 21st to take it out. Once they put the rods in there, you can’t really hit the plant because of all the fallout that would happen. After that, US intelligence agencies told the Israelis, no, no, no, no, no, no, you got about a year here. We have about a year before they’re nuclear capable and so forth. Remember, these are the same people that gave us this faulty intelligence report some years ago saying that there was no nuke plan that the Iranians had. It is clear to me — I think it has to be clear to all of us — that the world has decided the Iranians having nukes is no big deal. It wasn’t worth trying to stop. We made some half-baked attempts via sanctions and so forth, but nobody cared. Nobody cared enough to stop it.

A lot of people were worried that if they did something to stop it it would make the Russians mad, didn’t want to do that. So it is what it is. And if we’re to believe what we’re told, that the rods have gone in and they’re now creating nuclear power. Not yet plutonium for weaponry, but that’s down the road. It’s only a matter of time. Other reports say they’ve got enough plutonium for one or two bombs now. So it sounds like from what we’re being told publicly nobody really knows. I’m sure there’s intel out there, somebody knows what’s really going on. But there’s always more going on with these kinds of things than we will ever know. So drawing some kind of conclusion from it is risky at best, but if they’re nuclear, if the rods have been inserted, so to speak, then the conclusion is that the world didn’t think it was that big a problem. We’ll see.

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