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RUSH: By the way, do you realize Obama had to take a conference call yesterday on vacation? It’s so unfair, it’s just not right. Here we have our young president working harder than he’s ever worked — sorry, that’s Clinton’s line. He’s working very hard. He cares so deeply. He’s only on his sixth vacation in the last eight weeks, Rachel. Do you realize he had to take a conference call on the economy yesterday? Listen to the State-Controlled Media with a montage here trumpeting it as breaking news.

LAPIN: President Obama took a break from his vacation, holding a conference call with his economic team.

VAN SUSTEREN: The president took a break from his vacation to have a conference call with his economic team.

VARNEY: The president held a conference call from his vacation.

MACCALLUM: The president held a high level conference call with his economic advisors.

JANSING: President Obama today held a conference call with members of his economic team.

HUDSON: President obama took time out of his vacation to hold a conference call with his economic team.

RUSH: Meanwhile, in Martha’s Vineyard yesterday the media dared interrupt our young president’s vacation with questions. A reporter and the president had this little exchange.

REPORTER: Mr. President! (crowd noise)

OBAMA: We’re buying shrimp, guys.

RUSH: We’re buying shrimp. They’re out eating fried foods. They’re talking about the restaurants they’ve been going to. They’re having a grand old time. Obama is out there playing golf, saying he’s having a blast and it all got shattered, all the wonderful good vibes, the great times, he had to take a damn conference call in the middle of his vacation. There’s just nothing fair. It’s another example of the discrimination that our young president faces on a daily basis. Imagine, in the middle of a vacation with your wife and kids eating shrimp, buying shrimp, eating fried food, playing golf, and you have to take a conference call on the economy. There’s nothing fair in life, folks, not a single thing.

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