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Rush’s Morning Update: Immoral
Original Airdate: June 23, 2010

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Folks, if you wonder why school districts demand more money for education,despite the billions that are already pouredinto the system,pay attention.

Parma, Ohio school superintendent Sarah Zatik resigned a coupleyears ago at age 53. She was immediately rehired to fill the slot she’d just resigned fromwith a 15 percent pay cut. That allowed Ms. Zatik to collect over $100,000 annually in retirement pay,while at the same time collecting a salary of almost $160,000. She can keep double dipping– a quarter mil a year– until she reaches retirement age of65.

And she’s just one. Ohio newspapers investigated the pension plans awarded to school leaders, and found 25 percent are double dipping. In Ohio, 32,000 government workers are collecting over a billion dollars in retirement benefitson top of their regular salaries. Three-quarters of that money went to members of the State Teachers Retirement System. Lucy Gernot says she’s entitled to double dip:”It’s something I’ve earned,” she says.

Now, for decades, the Democrat party has vilified private-sector corporations as greedy profiteers, while government-sector institutions get a pass. But America is going to gobroke paying outrageous financial packages to unions,who in turn fund Democrat campaigns to keep them in power. This arrangement is beyond “greedy” — it’s downright immoral.

One more thing. You won’t find Democrat unions sending mobs to the homes of these “execs,” calling them greedy, threatening their families. Oh, no! That’s reserved for banking, insurance, health care execs, and tea party people.

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