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RUSH: Brad in Quincy, Michigan. Everybody knows Quincy is in Illinois. Snerdley finds these — nothing wrong with Quincy, Michigan, just nobody ever heard of it ’til Snerdley got a call from there. No offense here, Brad, I’m just mouthing off. How are you?

CALLER: I’m good.

RUSH: Good. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. I just wanted to run a funny kind of thing past you, at least in my mind. Years ago, about 33, I got hired in to the Ohio state auditor’s office as the token Republican and luckily my boss was a token Republican, so we got along pretty well. Well, one day I was called in to the office and a fellow employee was in there for disciplinary action, so they had me come in as a witness. And my boss, before things got so politically correct was very direct and asked the token employee, he said, ‘Listen, John,’ which is not his real name, but I have to be careful, he asked the token employee, ‘John, we have a problem here. You are either lazy, you’re incompetent, or you’re a liar, or, D –‘

RUSH: Brad, hang on. I gotta take a break here. Don’t go away. We’re going to get your call when we come back. Obama applied for a job or was working in Quincy, Michigan, 33 years ago?


RUSH: We are back to Brad in Quincy, Michigan. So you’re in there, you’ve got the token boss and you’re the token employee, and somebody else is being called on the carpet. Pick up the story where I had to interrupt you.

CALLER: Well, anyway my boss asked the employee, ‘John, we have problems here. You are either lazy, you are incompetent, you’re a liar, or, D, you’re all three.’ Now, in your opinion would you pick A, B, C, or D on Obama? Or would you — well, I guess that’s the question.

RUSH: Well, is he incompetent and/or liar and/or lazy?

CALLER: Yes, correct.

RUSH: Yeah, but I mean so are a lot of people. I think to get to Obama we need to go a little bit deeper. Let me focus mostly on the lazy. Because I think the lazy — for example, here he’s on his sixth vacation, he really doesn’t appear to work very hard, gets to the Oval Orifice at 9:30 in the morning. Bush got in there at seven. Reagan got in there at seven, took a nap at 7:15, got back to work at ten — just kidding. Tweaking the left. Bush got in there early, Obama is late, he doesn’t spend a lot of time in there. I don’t think it’s laziness. I think it is arrogance. I think Obama thinks of himself as above the job. I don’t think he likes the job as much as he thought he was going to like it. I don’t think he likes the White House. I think he looks at the White House as confining. I think one of the reasons all these vacations is he gets outta there. He and his wife do not like living there. To them the White House is not a great piece of honor, it’s a prison, and a lot of presidents have felt that it’s a prison, but to them it’s like some African-Americans, ‘Fourth of July ain’t no big deal to me, yo.’ Well, the White House, to a lot of African-Americans, same thing. I mean there’s a lot of stuff that came out of there by presidents that were in there that they’re not particularly happy about.

If I were president you couldn’t get me out of the place and I’d be up to all hours walking through every nook and cranny to learn as much about the place as I could. I would have the historian escorting me, ‘Okay, why is this room, what happened in here, why are these things on the wall.’ I’d want to know everything about the place. I would want to learn such things as the Lincoln Bedroom is not a bedroom. It wasn’t Lincoln’s. Lincoln’s bedroom is the second floor, where Lincoln’s office was. There was no West Wing. So the president’s office was on the residential floor upstairs and I don’t even know if it was a residential floor at the time Lincoln was president. His office was up there. You know I have spent the night in the Lincoln Bedroom, right across the hall from it is the queen’s bedroom and there are two or three guest bedrooms.

One of the funny stories that I remember is that after my night, it was in 1992 in the summertime that I’d spent the night in the White House. George H. W. Bush was president. Roger Ailes and I spent the night there that night, and I got to know the usher, they were all big fans. And it was like a hotel room, you could have a wake-up call. This was on the same floor that the president and his wife live. It’s a big floor, obviously, but you could order coffee from, quote, unquote, room service. A uniformed steward would bring it to you and I got to know all these people. And when Clinton won the election I remember Harry Thomason and his wife Linda Bloodworth-Thomason talking about how they couldn’t wait to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom after Clinton was inaugurated. So through channels I reached people that I had met in the White House, ‘Could I leave a note that you would leave for Harry and Linda on the pillow in the Lincoln Bedroom the night that they’re in there?’ And it happened to be inauguration weekend I think that they spent. It took a while but in a couple weeks they came back and they said, sure. So I wrote a note, and the note said, ‘Dear Harry and Linda: Never forget this. I was here first, and I will be back. Signed, your buddy, Rush.’

I put it in an envelope and then you just wonder if it ever happens. So not long after the immaculation, the inauguration, Harry Thomason is on C-SPAN and he tells the story. ‘Yeah, so Linda and I get in the Lincoln Bedroom, it’s a long night, we get in there and when we pull the covers back there’s an envelope on the pillow. So we open it up and it’s a note from Rush Limbaugh.’ I heard this, and I said, ‘Yes!’ Then I knew they had seen the note. You couldn’t keep me out of the place. When vacation time came, yeah, I might leave, go play golf or whatever at Camp David, but Christmastime, I would be there, what a beautiful time, Thanksgiving, I would be there. Easter, I would be there. I would invite friends and family there. They would consider it an honor, too. This bunch gets outta there as fast as they can. Another reason I wouldn’t travel on Christmas, the Secret Service, half of them wouldn’t have to go and leave their families, but that’s just me.

I know this is a roundabout answer, but I think Obama is spoiled. I think his entire life he has been told how special he is and he has believed it. And I think for reasons which are very, very obvious to me, that I’m not gonna spend time detailing, I think Obama’s had so many guardian angels, this was a guy who, frankly, was never going to be allowed to fail. That’s why when I said ‘I hope he fails’ they all had the proverbial cow, because if Obama’s at Harvard and does C or D work he’s gonna get an A, there’s somebody covering for him at every step of the way. Charmed life or what have you, for whatever reason. I know the reasons, I’m not going to waste time explaining them. It would be a great media tweak but they wouldn’t get it. So is that laziness or is it — Obama, I think he wants to run the world. The White House, this country is too small, too small for him. As to incompetent, that’s like, is he smart or dumb? We have to define competent. If his purpose is to restructure the American economy from capitalism to socialism, he’s pretty competent. If he really is serious and thinks he’s got the best ideas on creating jobs, then he’s incompetent. So to answer that we’d have to know what his real purpose is, rather than just surmise. I’m pretty sure I know what his purpose is. Nobody who really wanted to create jobs, revive an economy would do what he’s doing and stick to it.

Now, liar? He’s a Democrat. What more do you need to know? He’s a liberal. What more do you need to know? He’s a socialist. What more do you need to know? By definition they have to lie. If Obama had told you what his plans were, he would not got 30% of the vote. No liberal ever would. So as usual a question like that is not easily answerable without getting into much detail. In fact, Jennifer Rubin way back — I kept this because she wrote something that is right along the lines of what I think about Obama. This is August 19th in Commentary: ‘The Perils of Praise … To be blunt, Obama suffers from a lifetime of others excessively praising his intellect. It insulates him from ideas and facts that conflict with his pre-existing liberal rubric (so ‘every economist’ believed his stimulus would work). It leaves him unprepared to engage in real debate with informed opponents (e.g. the health-care summit).’ He didn’t know what to do with Paul Ryan, other than to stare daggers at him. ‘It skews his understanding of how geopolitics works, as he imagines that his own wonderfulness can sway adversaries and override nations’ fundamental interests (the Middle East).’ He really thought that his presence alone would so dazzle Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he’d give up the nuclear program, really thought that.

Jennifer Rubin believes he really believes this. So he’s delusional. But he believes this because he’s been told. This is like Tiger Woods’ dad, if you’ll recall, said that Tiger was going to be bigger than Nelson Mandela, was going to have a bigger impact on bringing people together, and I’m listening to this, ‘Okay, a dad’s a dad and a father is a father.’ There’s no way Tiger Woods is going to endanger any endorsements by entering the Nelson Mandela world. You remember Margaret Carlson when Obama had blundered into this mosque business and at the iftar dinner at the White House made it clear he supports the Hamasque being built there. Well, it’s time for the media to get in gear. Margaret Carlson said he’s too smart for us. He is so supremely confident in his intellect that he forgets his way to the correct decision to slow down and pick up all of us not-so-gifted stragglers. That’s what she honestly believes. And Matthews, a lot of these people believe that he’s so smart we can’t keep up with him. And I’m sure people all of his life have thought that and told him that. So he’s grown up believing it. He’s delusional.

Tiger Woods’ dad said he would bring more people together than Mandela. And in a physical sense that may be true. Did you hear Tiger shot the best round of golf today? The first day after his divorce was final or second day, best round of golf since the whole thing happened last Thanksgiving. He shot a 65 today in the Barclays, which is in New Jersey. Best round of golf occurs after the divorce with Elin is final. What it tells me is the sportswriter community is just panting, hoping that this means Tiger’s back, that he wins the tournament, goes on and makes the Ryder Cup team with no controversy attached to it. It doesn’t tell me anything else, Snerdley. It doesn’t tell me anything else.


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