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Ninety miles away from American shores, there are plenty of jobs, folks. The unemployment rate is a measly 1.7 percent, and has not risen above 3 percent in the last eight years. This magical land of full unemployment isthe socialist paradise of Cuber.

But turns outfull employment’s a curse. The state employs 95 percent of the work force. Five million of the 11 million residents have government jobs,and Raul Castro warns things are about to change.

Prompted by Cuber’s massive government deficits, Castro startled the nation, announcing that one in five Cuban workers might be “redundant”. His remarks caused panic. With their $20-a-month salaries, the working class can barely make ends meet as it is, and now their precious government jobs are threatened.

Not only is Castro targeting redundant workers, he’s also going after lazy government workers. (Is there any other kind? Ahem!)He announced: “Without people feeling the need to work to make a living, sheltered by state regulations that are excessively paternalistic and irrational, we will never stimulate a love for work.”

So here we have the thug-dictator of a socialist regime –with full employment and almost no private sector –attempting to trim his bloated, lazy government workforce. Meanwhile, in Washington, the head of our regime, with unemployment running rampant, is expanding the bloated government workforce,and trying to finish off the private sector –all the while saying we’re moving in the “right direction.” It might be stranger than fiction, but the problem is,it is really happening, and it ismind-boggling.

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