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RUSH: Let me tell you who built America. I’d love to tell you who built America. America was built by people who fended for themselves, who expected nothing from the government except protection. They expected nothing from the government except protection from foreign enemies and a just rule of law. Other than that, stay the hell out of our lives. That’s who built America. The very people who founded this country constructed that kind of a government. The people who built this country revolted against high taxes, a tea tax specifically. America was built by people who believed in individuality, rugged individualism. I love saying that because it so ticks off the left, rugged individualism, hard work, minimal government, freedom and liberty. You see, America was built by people who reject everything Imam Obama stands for, reject everything Imam Obama is doing. And that’s why Obama and the suckers in his party who followed him are being rejected by the people. Obama and his party are being rejected because they are the antithesis of how this country was built and how this country grew.

The rich, the poor, the middle class, when America was founded, we didn’t think this way. We didn’t expect the government to punish other people. We didn’t think the purpose of government was to get even with some people. We believed in private property rights. We didn’t get caught up in this class warfare claptrap. Not when this country was built. Obama’s actions, Obama’s philosophy would have been considered tyranny. Obama would have been an outcast at the founding of this country. Obama would have been rejected, and so would his preacher, Reverend Wright. That’s what Obama knows about the economy, is what he’s been taught by Saul Alinsky and what he’s been taught by the Harvard faculty and what he was taught by Reverend Wright. What is Obama’s favorite line from Reverend Wright’s Audacity to Hope speech? I know what it is. The favorite line is white folks’ greed runs a world in need. That’s what Obama knows.

Obama looks through the prism of racism at this world and he sees an America as founded as unjust and immoral. ‘White folks’ greed runs a world in need.’ That is what Reverend Wright said; that’s what Obama believes. Reverend Wright was also out preaching against middle classness. We have played those sound bites of Reverend Wright saying such a thing. So Obama’s propaganda is the propaganda of failed, dead regimes: the old Soviet Union, Cuba. Obama’s railing against capitalism. He’s railing against private property. He’s railing against trickle down. In his audience is a bunch of socialists, a bunch of union people. Barack Obama is the antithesis of the founding of this country. He would have been rejected as a bit player. Had Obama been around at the founding of this country and had he been known, he would be a joke in American history books today. But not now. Now he’s president.


RUSH: I want to rephrase something here before we go to the top of the hour break. Obama has rejected the American people and that’s why the American people are rejecting Obama. He has no business talking about how this country was built ’cause it never would have been if it were up to people like him.

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