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RUSH: Joy Behar just cannot let go of the fact that Elton John performed at my wedding. She just can’t let go of this. It’s like a box of old tampons. She just can’t get rid of it. She had Cyndi Lauper on. This was last Friday on Headline News, the Joy Behar — the Maude Behar Show — listen to this.

BEHAR: Elton John, you know, he recently performed for Rush Limbaugh for a million bucks.

LAUPER: Mmm-hmm.

BEHAR: How much would they have to pay you to do that?

LAUPER: Well, he’s all about mending bridges. He’s about, if I perform for this man who maybe is not really close to someone and — and he feels a kinship with Elton John —

BEHAR: Mmm-hmm.

LAUPER: — this is Rush Limbaugh —

BEHAR: Yeah.

LAUPER: — feeling a kinship with a gay man, right?

BEHAR: Mmm-hmm.

LAUPER: Well, instead of slamming the door closed —

BEHAR: Right.

LAUPER: — he went to go widen the gap.

BEHAR: So would you do it?

LAUPER: Me? I don’t know. I don’t know. I have a big mouth.

RUSH: If Joy does get married, if she does, who will perform? By the way, Joy, I gotta tell you: This figure of $1 million? I don’t know how this figure got out, but it’s not correct. The $1 million payment to Elton John, I don’t know where this got started. (interruption) The Palm Beach rag? But whatever, it’s not accurate. But she just can’t let go of this. She can’t let go. Imagine what she would do if she saw some of the pictures backstage before the concert.

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