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Supposedly there is panic at the highest levels of the regime; thisover the upcoming November elections. On CBS’s Slay the Nation, Harry Smith talked to theexecutive editor of Politico about the bad polling for Democrats: “Does the White House understand this? Do you feel any sense of panic or concern?”

Jim VandeHei said: “They get it. There’s panic. There’s concern.” He said the regime knows the economy “stinks,” and that they won’t be able to change the high unemployment numbers or pass significant legislation in Congress in the “next couple of months.”The Democrats are demoralized over a recent Gallup poll showing Republicans at their strongest,ever,in 60 years of polling.

Now, we’re supposed to believe that Obama and his minions are sitting in the White House, biting their nails and having anxiety attacks. But before he was elected, Obama threw his white grandma under the bus, andthen his preacher, Reverend Wright, under the bus. After he was elected, he threw David Paterson, Van Jones, Charlie Rangel, and Maxine Waters under the bus– all for political expediency.

Panic in the regime? Why, they knew all along that nobody wanted Porkulus bailouts, Wall Street bailouts, green jobs, pro-union handouts, or Obamacare! Obama doesn’t care about anybody’s political neck but his own! If he’s made the calculation that he’ll get a second term by running against a Republican Congress,then he’s well on the way.

The real panic in Washington is among Congressional Democrats…who are finally figuring out that Obama has been their real enemy all along — not me.Hee, hee, hee!

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