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RUSH: Bridgefield, Delaware, this is Frank. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega First State dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Yesterday you were talking about the Mike Castle, Christine O’Donnell race here in Delaware —

RUSH: I was.

CALLER: — the GOP primary. It’s a special election to fill Joe Biden’s old seat which means the winner in November gets seated right away and will be there for that lame duck session.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That’s why it’s important to the nation. I wanted to talk to you about Mike Castle’s voting record. Conservatives here in Delaware believe that’s all you need to know about Mike Castle to know Mike Castle. It gets tossed around a lot that he votes 80% of the —

RUSH: Hold on a minute. I’m having trouble hearing you. What did you say is all we need to know?

CALLER: His voting record. Mike Castle’s voting record is all you need to know about Mike Castle.


CALLER: Well, I can give you an example. The SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, ultra-leftist organization, in the year 2000, Mike Castle voted 0% of the time for issues concerning the SEIU. That same year he received $5,000 from them. In the year 2001, his voting record on their issues went up to 25%. Over the years he’s received thousands of dollars from them, and last year he voted 83% of the time in favor of SEIU issues. Now, when you hear people say he votes with the Republicans 80% of the time, he does that, Rush, by voting for amendments and resolutions —

RUSH: Well, yeah, I know we touched on this. McCain votes with the Republicans 95% of the time.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: But the thing with Castle is he never faced a real conservative here in Delaware in his whole career back, you know, all the way back to governor, and that’s why you’re seeing him dump so much money and go so negative against Christine O’Donnell. I think he’s shaken; I think he’s nervous, and this whole stuff about her past and her financial problems, that’s really all that they’ve got against her, but Mike Castle has a long history of voting liberal. He voted 60% of the time with the Obama agenda.

RUSH: Well, I know, but we’re told that he has to to get elected. That’s Delaware.

CALLER: I don’t believe that, Rush. I was born and raised in Delaware, and I can tell you, in the current political climate here in Delaware also, Christine O’Donnell has independent voters working on her primary. They can’t vote for her in the primary, that’s how bad they want her in the general election. Once she wins this primary, her numbers go way up against the Democrat here because the independent voters start getting polled.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I think this race here in Delaware, people around the country should be watching it just for the fact that it is a special election and we can get that one more vote in the Senate.

RUSH: I think a lot of people are going to be watching this election because there’s such a rift on the Republican side of this. I mean here you’ve got the carrot out there, this is the Biden seat, the Biden seat, which, you know, I guess is an aphrodisiac to some, the Biden seat, like the Kennedy seat. It’s not the Biden seat. It’s people of Delaware’s seat. So you got Castle who is the standard, run-of-the-mill career politician in the House who represents the professionalism of it all. On the other side you’ve got this rogue challenger, Christine O’Donnell about whom a lot of dirt has flown, some of it people say is true. The Republican Party is split on this. There are elements of the so-called conservative movement that are split on this. That’s why people are watching it. One of the things that worries me about all these kind of races is the splinter in the aftermath. Now, you look at Lisa Murkowski. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska lost her primary to a Tea Party candidate. Lisa Murkowski is running around talking about a write-in candidacy.

Now, to their credit, the Republicans in the Senate said, ‘Hey, you’ve lost your chairmanship. Even if you win on this write-in, you’re toast.’ But if she mounts a campaign as a write-in candidate, which even though there might not be a third party involved, you’re still gonna split the Republican vote, a Democrat’s still gonna win. People are going to have to take a look at this. We’re told the Republicans are doing what’s best for the party. Okay, Lisa Murkowski loses, she concedes defeat, but then if she does mount in write-in candidacy and promotes it and splits the vote she’s going to give the seat to a Democrat, so how is that supporting the Republican side of things? So, yeah, Ms. O’Donnell is said to have a lot of baggage, a lot of dirt. She hasn’t paid her bills; she didn’t pay employees; she filed suit against some prestigious think tank, which I never heard of until somebody told me about this, ISI. You know what ISI stands for? I don’t. I’m just admitting I don’t know what they are. But apparently she’s done something to them that they don’t like, conservative people don’t like.

So she’s got baggage. She’s run afoul of the IRS here and there. I guess Mike Castle’s clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. He’s never had one problem in his background. I don’t know. Most of the people in this country who have baggage have accumulated that baggage having gone up against some government agency somewhere along the line. But it’s going to be interesting to watch. I mean this race really has people staking reputations on the outcome of it. So you’re right, people are going to be paying a lot of attention to it, as of course will we here at the EIB Network.

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