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RUSH: Full week of broadcast excellence, El Rushbo, after the opening weekend of the National Football League season which sees Snerdley fit to be tied over the performance last night of the Dallas Cowboys. He came in here beside himself this morning asking me, ‘How can that stuff happen?’ And of course he instinctively knew how it could happen. He had all the answers but he wanted to hear from me because I’m the well known noted expert on all of that. There’s so many things wrong in Dallas based on so many presumptions that are incorrect.


RUSH: You know, by the way, speaking of pretty faces, Snerdley, have you heard what happened at the Jets training facility on Saturday? Yeah, they had this former Miss Spain, who is with Azteca TV in Mexico. Yeah, I’ve seen a couple pictures of her. She’s former Miss Spain and that pretty much explains it. She’s on the sidelines and she is there ostensibly to do an interview with the starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Now, this woman in the pictures I have seen, hip-hugger jeans, two inches below the waist, blouse — No, no, no. I don’t know that she was dressed this way on Saturday. I’m just saying the pictures I’ve seen she’s wearing a blouse with her midriff exposed, about five inches of skin exposed from the top of the jeans to the bottom of the blouse. The jeans are more than skintight. So she’s more than a pretty face, she’s a looker. Now, I don’t know how she was attired Saturday. She went to Jets practice on Saturday. She sent out a tweet saying she was appropriately attired.

Anyway, what happened is that the defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman, a former Dallas Cowboy, number 32, Dennis Thurman was doing an interception drill for the defensive backs. He was throwing passes along the sideline. He was purposely throwing these passes long so the Jets defensive backs would run into this woman or get very close. In other words, she was there and Thurman — this is the report, now — Thurman, the defensive backs coach wanted his players, I mean it was a game, ‘Wow, look at that babe.’ And so he purposely throws the balls long so they get to retrieve them, get up close and see her, maybe run into her. Jason Taylor, defensive end, not even a defensive back, volunteered to participate in the drill, former Miami Dolphin. Then they get in the locker room and apparently the story is that the coach, Rex Ryan and some of the other players started doing what guys do in the locker room, and apparently she got humiliated and embarrassed and now the league is on this like white on a Klansman. The league is looking into this, they’re going to find out if the Jets need to be sanctioned, if the two coaches here need to have some sort of punishment, sensitivity training or what have you. And this, of course, is nothing new.

Remember, Lisa Olson who most recently wrote for New York Daily News, she used to work in Boston and she went into the Patriots locker room and somebody exposed himself in there and that led to a big huge controversy and at that time, this is years ago, people said, ‘Well what are women doing in there in the first place, for crying out loud? I mean what are these guys supposed to do in there? You know, wait ’til the women leave before they get undressed,’ and this sort of stuff. So it’s amazing. So now all these sensitivity groups, ‘Women Against Violence in Sports’ are getting involved, and ‘Women Against Violence Against Good-Looking Women’ are getting involved and ‘Women Against Violence in the Football Field’ are getting involved, and the league — (laughing) — this may be as controversial as my wanting to buy a piece of the Rams, (laughing) only on the female side of it. We don’t know any names of the Jets players. All we know is Jason Taylor, but we don’t know if he actually participated in the drill. It was just reported he wanted to, he volunteered. We don’t know any players. We’ve just been told the name Dennis Thurman, a DB coach and I think one report said Rex Ryan was involved, and Ryan, you know, he does run a loose ship in that locker room. (interruption) Now, Snerdley, this is the thing.

Snerdley is saying guys are guys are guys and this is what’s going to happen if you put an attractive woman in there. That’s not politically correct, Snerdley. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be in 2010. A woman doing her job, a former Miss Spain working for TV Azteca in town to do an interview with the starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, is supposed to be able to go in there and do her job without being put upon like somebody walking into a bar. (interruption) Well, it does happen. There are all kinds of women in sports on the sideline this doesn’t happen to. Yes, Snerdley, I have seen them and I’m telling you there are all kinds of women in the locker rooms. This does not happen every day. It just does not happen every day. Anyway, we’ll wait and see here — NFL not for long if you’re not politically correct — we’ll see how this shakes out. And of course this is further hyping the game that the Baltimore Ravens, Rex Ryan’s old team, he wanted to be head coach, Harbaugh got the gig. Jim Zorn, by the way, now the quarterbacks coach after leaving the Redskins, and Ray Lewis, linebacker, said, ‘Okay, now they’ve got no excuses, Revis is back. Darrelle Revis is now threatening to hold out in two more years just like he just finished holding out for 35 days. So we have a genuine NFL circus, the New York Jets with a braggadocios, loudmouth coach in the locker room and everybody wants — except in New York — them to get creamed. You look at the ratings for this show tonight. Seven o’clock early game Monday Night Football.


RUSH: Maybe they ought to treat the Jets players here like the Justice Department treated the New Black Panthers. Just ignore it. I mean, the New Black Panthers performed voter intimidation, threatening people in a Philadelphia voting place in 2008. There’s videotape of the intimidation that showed it clearly happening. The Holder Justice Department broomed it. ‘Nah, no case here. We’re not going to pursue anything with black defendants. Ah!’ Let that be a life lesson: Just give the Jets the same treatment the New Black Panthers got. Jets players harassing the TV Azteca reporter? Ignore it!


RUSH: Darn it, where is the zoomer? Ah, here it is. All right, we got a picture of Ines Sainz. I’m not sure the Spanish pronunciation. Ines Sainz. This is the woman that’s caused all the problems at Jets practice on Saturday. I’m going to zoom in here, for those of you watching on the Dittocam, you’ll see her. This is how she was attired. There we go. There we go. Now, it’s a good thing we got a high definition camera here. So there she is, and she claims that she was appropriately attired. I’ll leave it up to you to decide. This is from the Chicago newspaper blog and this blog is reporting, ladies and gentlemen, that it was not just Dennis Thurman that was overthrowing passes to the defensive backs, but also the head coach, Rex Ryan. I’m watching the first episode of the Hard Knocks training camp of the New York Jets on HBO and one of the first things that happened in the summertime, the Jets signed Rex Ryan, the head coach, to contract extension with a raise. So he gets on the phone and he calls his wife, ‘Hey honey, hey honey, I just signed a new deal, you can go shopping now.’ I’m thinking, man, is that a little sexist, his wife is sitting at home doing nothing and waits for the signal to go shopping. But then I said, no, no, no, no.

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