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RUSH: I’m going back and forth on whether I ought to mention the car company. I’m watching the National Football League yesterday. Did you see this? Did you see the one the polar bear? Well, I’ll tell you what upset me about the ad. It’s a Nissan ad, I may as well mention it. Nissan obviously puts this ad together thinking that this is the way to sell a whole bunch of cars.

Now, I hope that they are wrong. I hope whoever’s doing their market research is biased to the hilt and is misleading. If you didn’t see the commercial it is pathetic. Algore coulda written the thing. It starts out with a poor little polar bear barely surviving on a tiny little what is supposed to be melting glacier — which is common, ordinary practice, them on an ice floe. The polar bear can swim 60 miles. They go out there and they cool off on these things, sit in the sun on them. Then it shows a distant glacier that the small little one had broken off from. And then the polar bear swims and swims and swims and swims and finally gets to the iceberg and keeps going, keeps going, keeps going through neighborhoods. It goes all the way down to America from the North Pole, all the way to America, and finally finds a driveway where there is an electric car, sneaks up on the owner who is about to get in it and gives the owner a hug. The polar bear with tears in its eyes gives the frightened owner of the Nissan a hug. For supposedly doing something to save the polar bear. The whole thing is just a fraud.

Now, they’re entitled to do it. They got market research that obviously says this is the way to sell the electric car. Sell it with guilt, sell it to these Nimrods who think like this idiot who took hostages at the Discovery network building. But man, I thought we were past this. Now, I guarantee… No, I can’t guarantee you. But it has to be that somewhere in this advertising chain, either at the agency or somewhere creative in the automobile company is somebody who wants to get their political views in Nissan’s advertising and has convinced executives at Nissan this is the way to sell the car. In the midst of all of this being exposed as a hoax, all of these photos showing stranded polar bears also to be Photoshopped and misrepresented.


RUSH: I’m gonna go back to this Nissan ad for just a second, ’cause there’s something really, really, really dangerously wrong about the Nissan ad. My friends, don’t ever try to hug a polar bear. You will die. A polar bear will rip your head off. If a polar bear shows up in your driveway, run for the hills — or don’t leave your house. Do not go out there and let it hug you. Headline: ‘Polar Bear Attacks Woman in Berlin Zoo — April 11, 2009. A polar bear attacked a woman in Berlin Zoo Friday afternoon after she climbed a fence and jumped into its habitat during feeding time.’ She wanted to show the polar bear that she felt sorry for it, that she understood and supported efforts to make its habitat safer. No doubt inspired by other lunatics in the environmental fringe, like Algore. So not only is the Nissan ad… ‘Rush, you really don’t want any Nissan advertising on the show?’ You gotta call ’em the way you see ’em, folks. ‘Would you be saying this if Nissan were a sponsor?’ I don’t deal in ‘if’s’. Bottom line is, I’m just telling you that there’s no such thing as a polar bear’s habitat being threatened by the kind of car you drive. But the thing is, a polar bear is not going to ever hug you. A polar bear is a predator and will rip your head off each and every time you give it a chance to. And yet, little kids watching this stuff think they can hug it. I mean, you never know. They’re very impressionable as we’ve seen. These nutcases inspired by the likes of Algore, they go out there and they take hostages, take over entire buildings of TV networks.


RUSH: The Nissan ad, in my estimation, misses the mark. I don’t think the kids are even going to fall for it anymore.

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