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Get this. When Vice President Joe Bite Me announced to America that this would be the “summer of recovery,” he wasn’t talking about jobs. So says Austan Goolsbee, Obama’s new head economic advisor.

Asked on Fox News Sunday how 280,000 jobs lost this summer was a “recovery,” Goolsbeesaid thatVice President Bite Me was “talking about the summer of recovery in reference to the Recovery Act”, which meant “the creation of infrastructure and other projects ramping up over the summer” — not jobs. Soaccording to the regime’s head economic geek (and that’s what he is), despite high unemployment, we are in a recovery,because recoverydoes not mean jobs.

Now, speaking of stimulus,those of you out of work will be relieved to learn that more of the Porkulus funds Democrats spent to not create jobs are now accounted for. Turns out, the National Institute of Mental Health spent almost $1 million in stimulus money on a project by UCLA researchers.

It’s a study designed to teach uncircumcised men in Africahow to wash… their privates. I’m not making this up. The genital-washing study was begun last yearand will continue into next year. It’sa large programfor a large problem,apparently.

So remember:Obama put Vice President Bite Me in charge of making sure Porkulus money would be spent wisely, almost a millionspent washing genitals in Africa (not even American genitals),and Bite Me’s “summer of recovery”wasn’t supposed to produce jobs.

It’s a good thing the genitals are clean, because somebody, folks,is being screwed royally.

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