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RUSH: John in Durham, North Carolina, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Good to talk to you.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: I’ve gotta tell you, you came down a little bit in the second segment but the first part of your show you sounded very, very mad. You sound angry. And I’m a happy liberal.

RUSH: What are you happy about?

CALLER: Well, I guess I’m happy at the meltdown. I’m listening to the Republicans versus the conservative meltdown so far out from the election, and it really is comical. You were talking recently about a dinner party that you attended with all of your representative — oh, I don’t know, what is that, the Republican blue-blood establishment people sitting around all trying to figure out how they can get to be in charge. And I’ve heard before on your program people talking about —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, that’s not what was happening at the dinner party. It wasn’t people trying to figure out how they can be in charge. It was people detailing what they think the damage Obama has done to the country, which takes me to, why are you happy? What is happening in the country that makes you happy? Is your happiness totally derived from the misery of people you don’t like?

CALLER: No, no, no, no. Not at all.

RUSH: What makes you happy? What are you happy about happening in the country?

CALLER: Well, let me explain. The only issue that I have in my mind is covered by the liberal side of the aisle. I could care less about Obama’s politics and as I said to your call screener I don’t care about his economics, either. That doesn’t bother me. But the issue that matters to me, and I’m a single issue voter, just so happens it’s covered by the left, so I’m gonna continue to vote for them.

RUSH: What is the issue?

CALLER: I’m an animal rights wacko. I try to soft shoe that from time to time and say that I think that people are really mistaken when they abuse, shoot, starve, torture their dogs and cats, but I promise you, the only place I can get legislation through any of our local establishment is through the left. It’s too bad the NRA and I don’t know, other places oppose that, otherwise I’d be on your side.

RUSH: What’s your favorite TV network? Do you watch the Discovery Channel? Do you like the new Nissan commercial —

CALLER: Actually, I’m a huge football fan. When the TV is on football is playing, otherwise —

RUSH: You’re being serious here?

CALLER: I’m absolutely serious, yes.

RUSH: You support the left because you oppose the abuse of animals. You think they’re the one group of people that are gonna stand up for the rights of animals?

CALLER: Well, no, historically — and you are a political historian —

RUSH: Are you serious about this?

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: Sir, your country is fundamentally being destroyed right before your very eyes, and you are telling me that what animates and informs you is whatever the hell is happening with Flipper?


RUSH: Single issue. So we got a guy who’s happy to hear all this internecine warfare going on between conservatives and Republicans because the Democrats are loyal on animal rights issues. He’s a single issue guy. I guess nine and a half, 10% unemployment doesn’t bother him. I guess the dismantling and the destruction of the US economy is irrelevant to him. So he admitted he is a single issue guy. There aren’t any single issues right now. The future of America is a package deal. The guy ought to go hug a polar bear. Maybe he can audition for the next Nissan commercial.

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