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RUSH: Nancy, Morris Plains, New Jersey. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I’ve been waiting awhile, but it’s worth it. First to the last comment, I say we want Rush running the White House, and I say, ‘Hell, yes.’ Three weeks ago I heard you talking about when you were talking to your friends and they were beating up Sarah Palin. I tried to get through, and I couldn’t. Then you were away a week and then I was at the Jersey shore for a while so I wanted to say, this is what’s wrong with the Republican Party. You have someone who comes up, who isn’t in the establishment, she’s got some great ideas, when people said she was stupid, I went nuts and I said, ‘Tell me one stupid thing she said.’ Nobody could come up with stuff. Yeah, the questions they asked her, that Katie Couric asked her that they crucified her on, they never asked His Majesty, Obama, about. Not one did they ask him the things that they asked her.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: I don’t think he could have answered them, either. Now, what is wrong with the Republican Party? Karl Rove, a complete disappointment last night. Newt Gingrich, the same crap in upstate New York with the so-called Republican woman. It’s the same old same old. Now, you and I are simpatico as far as poetry. Nobody wants honesty. I am the most honest person. I tell the truth all the time and people do not want to hear it, especially if it’s not politically correct. My husband and I grew up in Newark in the sixties and nobody wanted to hear it. Trust me, you know it. I grew up in Catholic school. They taught us to rely on ourselves. We’re in New Jersey, my husband is paying for all these pensions. He’s 65, he’s gonna work ’til he’s 85 because what’s coming out of our taxes is what all these people are living on.

One more thing. Since you’ve been going back and forth with Algore, we went on a Hawaiian cruise about three years ago for our 45th wedding anniversary, and we met somebody on the cruise who worked in the White House. I’m not going to tell you what he did, but he worked inner circle in the White House from Bush Sr. all the way through to our Bush, and that’s when he retired, so he knew all of these people intimately and he said, quote, ‘Algore was an idiot!’ unquote. He said of everyone he worked with and saw firsthand, he said the man was an idiot. Now, again, I can’t tell you what he did, but trust me he was one on one with all of these people, and he had absolutely no regard for Gore. This man made a fortune off this polar — and I’m an animal lover, believe me.

Oh, and another thing about the Democrats. The one thing you have to say is they do not knife their own. With the Republicans, with Karl Rove last night, I was so upset. They do not knife each other no matter what they do. Caroline Kennedy was the biggest idiot when they were trying to give her that Senate race, you did not hear one Democrat come out and say how many times she said, ‘you know, you know, you know.’ She just quietly went away. They support each other. They have each other’s backs. The Republicans come out the next day. They better wise up before November or we’re gonna get stuck with this idiot in the White House for another four years. This is what I worry about. Rush, we have to do something, and I don’t know what it is.

RUSH: When is the last time your husband said anything?

CALLER: (laughing) Believe it or not he’s as bad as I am.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: And, you know what? The invitation still holds for you and your wife, the next time you’re in the New York area, you have to come over for a homemade Italian dinner. I will make you homemade manicotti that will turn your head.

RUSH: You are in Morris —

CALLER: I’m in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

RUSH: Morris Plains.

CALLER: I’m only 40 minutes away from New York City. You have my number on your caller ID. I would love for you to come —

RUSH: So you’re gonna make some manicotti?

CALLER: I will make you homemade manicotti and homemade meatballs. I will make you stuffed artichokes and homemade wet mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and basil from my garden. It will be a meal you will not forget.

RUSH: That just —

CALLER: You have to give me a call. I would love to talk to you in person. I would love to share. I agree with you with poetry, I hate poetry. I want you to be my president, actually. But I agree with everything you say. I couldn’t wait to get through. I waited an hour and a half to get through to you. I have to pick up my granddaughter at school. I grew up in the city. My husband went to school 12 years nights. We have worked for everything. My mother cleaned toilets when my father went blind. We have taken nothing from anyone. My father came over on Ellis Island, but my husband’s a bigger talker than I am, believe it or not. But all this stuff bottles up in me. I am so frustrated with this country, and I love it. But since the sixties it has gone downhill and my frustration boils over. And my husband keeps telling me, ‘Don’t listen to radio. Don’t listen to TV,’ because my frustration level is always at one thousand, as you can hear.

RUSH: You know, people would never, ever think you’re a New Yorker. They would never put two and two together with that.

CALLER: Well, I’m a New Jerseyer.

RUSH: Well, that’s right, that’s right.

CALLER: Why not?

RUSH: I don’t know. It just —

CALLER: I grew up in Newark in the fifties. And I went to Catholic school, Sacred Heart Cathedral. I don’t know if you were ever in that area, and —


RUSH: Our last caller from Morris Plains, New Jersey, it won’t be long — she talked about what food she’s gonna fix and how she’s gonna prepare it, where she’s gonna get it — that woman will be reported to Michelle Obama in the not-too-distant future. Monitors assigned by the White House who listen to this show will have to report that woman because she is going to be considered to be part of the obesity problem in the United States.

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