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Well, my friends, Republicans voters are sending an unmistakable message to their own camp. Florida: Charlie Crist is out– Marco Rubio is in. Utah: Mike Lee is in– Bob Bennett is out. Alaska: Joe Miller is in– Lisa Murkowski is out. Sharron Angle cleared the decks in Nevada. In New York, the Republican establishment candidate, Rick Lazio, is out –Carl Paladino is in. And, of course, in Delaware,Christine O’Donnell is in– Mike Castle is history.

In the blue state of Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter had to jump ship and run as a Democrat;he lost. Now conservative Pat Toomey is leading in the polls. In dark blue Massachusetts, Scott Brown is already servingin the so-called Kennedy seat. Chris Christie is governing the blue state of New Jersey. Obama threw his own candidate, Creigh Deeds, under the freight train in Virginia(which Democrats declared a blue state);Robert McDonnell– conservative Republican– is now governor.

In Ohio, Republican candidates John Kasich and Bob Portman are polling ahead of Democrats for governor and Senate. In California,of all places,Meg Whitman is leading Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, and Barbara Boxer is in a fight for her political life. Conservative candidates are running in congressional districts they abandoned ages ago,andthey’re competitive.

Bottom line: You can put a fork in liberalsof all stripes — they’re almost done! RINOS,Republicans In Name Only,are now an endangered species. There is a conservative ascendancy effervescing. It willcarry the day — one candidate, one election, at a time.

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