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RUSH: Well, Christine O’Donnell’s website is now reporting that she has raised over $1 million. Christine O’Donnell of ‘she can’t win’ fame has now raised over a million dollars, which means, ladies and gentlemen, Christine O’Donnell is not in debt now, unlike some of our friends with their websites. She is out of debt, a one-day pledge drive that she didn’t even orchestrate. She started out yesterday with 50 large. Today she’s got over a million. It is amazing. I guarantee you all the political pros were looking at this, ‘Whoa.’ There’s no question they notice it.


Wouldn’t it be cool if she raised another million dollars the next 24 hours? (laughing) What would it take for her to raise another million dollars in 24 hours? I don’t know. What did it take for the first million?

I said yesterday when the program started, ‘If every listener just sent her a buck,’ and that’s the last I said. I’m sure that other people talked about it during the busy broadcast day and night. Yeah, I’m sure there were some that sent five, I’m sure there were some who sent $20, 25. I just think it would be cool if two million in two days. I mean just to show ’em. You know, just to say, ‘Okay, here you inside-the-Beltway cocktail party types, here’s how you do it. You want us to show you how it’s done? Okay, here you go.’

From LexisNexis: ‘Republicans Have to Unite to Beat Clinton. Patrick Buchanan, a populist but nice guy. How the media portrays Republicans as sinister and liberals as associates of Castro.’ It’s a story about me, LexisNexis, and that is from August 15th of 1996. The story is about how I’m saying Republicans have to unite. You know, I am a unifier out there. It’s not me — actually, folks, it’s not us that are causing the divisions.

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