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RUSH: I have a message for Scott Brown here in just a second, the Senator from Massachusetts. And, by the way, folks, ahem, I’m coming down with a bit of a head cold today. Every time I give up tobacco products it happens. When I’m smoking cigars, I never, ever got a cold. I got the flu sometimes, but I never, ever got a cold. I could feel it in the upper bronchial tract last night. I woke up in bed, sore throat. Now, I sound very hoarse to me. It won’t sound that way to you because of the magic of compression of the broadcast — (interruption) What? I do sound a little hoarse? Well, those people listening on the radio will not know it because of the magic of compression. Anyway, we’re here, 800-282-2882 is the number, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.
Did you see — $950,000. Christine O’Donnell started the day yesterday with what, $50,000? She started the day with $50,000 yesterday. Right before the broadcast started today she’s at $950,000 in Internet website donations. She’s gonna go over a million dollars today, probably the next couple of minutes or so. It was fascinating. This started yesterday when the Republican Senatorial Committee, the news was out they weren’t gonna support her, she was on her own. I said, ‘Okay, fine. If everybody in this audience sends her a dollar…’ That’s all I said and you couldn’t get on the website for a while. We crashed it; couldn’t get in. Now $950,000. Rasmussen has her down 11. I thought she was down 25. I thought she couldn’t win. She’s down 11 points. Now, given the vicious attacks on O’Donnell by the partisan political operatives in the media and the partisan political operatives on the Republican Party side and given the supposedly overwhelming liberal mind-set of Delaware voters how is it possible Christine O’Donnell is this close? She’s only 11 points down.

Now, I’m going to tell you what the campaign against her is going to be. I can tell you right now. I’ll get to it in just a second. I know exactly what they’re going to do. I know these people ’cause I know their playbook. Look at me as a defensive coordinator of the conservative movement. I know exactly what these clowns are going to do. I know how to game plan for them. They’re basically going to go after social issues. They’re gonna say that Christine O’Donnell represents the new Republican Party, wants to take away your Social Security, you watch. Republicans want to take away your Social Security and make sure that you can’t have abortions, may even go out there and say that Christine O’Donnell was against masturbation, who knows. But it’s gonna focus on social issues. That’s where they think that they’re going to pick up moderate Republicans and independent Republicans who don’t like the moral majority people that are in the conservative movement.

Now, there was a piece, an attack on Jim DeMint in Politico, because DeMint was one of the first to endorse Christine O’Donnell, so of course the long knives are coming out. And in this story, listen to this: ‘Behind closed doors Wednesday, Republican senators tried to assess the damage. Several senators at the lunch, including Scott Brown of Massachusetts, raised concerns that the party has sent a message that it had no room for moderates, even from left-leaning states, according to people familiar with the exchanges. And others expressed frustration that the GOP had essentially given away a pivotal seat that Castle could have won.’ Now, this is Politico. Let’s assume the reporting here is accurate. We’ll take it here that Brown said what he said. (imitating Brown) ‘Oh, my God, my God, no more room for moderates in the Senate. No more room for moderates in the Republican Party.’ And frustration the Republican Party has essentially given away a pivotal seat that Castle could have won. Look at how parochial these guys are. There’s no reporting of their concern for the country’s future. There’s no reporting of these Republican senators talking about the threat that the Obama agenda poses to the country, all of this incessant bankrupt spending.

Now, they may have talked about it, but it certainly isn’t reported. What’s reported is that these guys are going, ‘Oh, woe is us, oh, woe is us. Coulda had a Castle seat, coulda won it, coulda been a contender.’ And Scott Brown going on and on and on, ‘There’s no more room for moderates.’ Mr. Brown, let me tell you something. Look around you in the Senate. You are surrounded by moderate Republicans, Mr. Brown. You’re surrounded by ’em. Not only where you live but in the Senate, surrounded by ’em. You got moderate Republicans in Maine. After this election you’re still going to be surrounded by moderate Republicans in the Senate. What are you talking about? No more room for moderate Republicans in the Senate? The question is whether there is room for Reagan conservatives anymore in the Republican Party. That’s the question. That’s what this is all about. These guys are whining and moaning already, ‘Oh, my God, (crying) may not be any room for moderates.’ For crying out loud, we’re surrounded by ’em in the US Senate. By the way, Mr. Brown, with all due respect, if it weren’t for conservatives and Tea Party activists nationwide raising money for you, you wouldn’t be in the Senate. What is this, ‘Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, there’s not enough room for moderates.’ Plenty of them. It’s Reagan conservatives that are the target here.

Jonathan Chait is a hate merchant. Jonathan Chait, he’s at the New Republic, he wrote a piece: ‘Why I hate George W. Bush,’ some years ago and was lauded for it. Here’s what Jonathan Chait wrote, blog post at the New Republic: ‘Now, most elite Republicans understand that the red meat fed to the base isn’t exactly right. It’s useful to scare the daylights out of the activists, but writers for the Standard and the Journal editorial page understand that ‘freedom,’ as most people understand the term, is not really at risk. They understand as well that politics is a little more complicated than ‘if Republicans stay true to conservatism, they cannot lose.’ But the conservative base is not in on the joke. And so Republican elites found themselves with just a few frantic days to undo the toxic and intoxicating effects of 20 months of relentless propaganda. Vote for the man who compromised with evil! The true conservative can’t always win! They couldn’t do it. I won’t say that the Republican base strategy has been a total failure. But it is nice to see it blow up in the face of the establishment from time to time.’

Now, let me translate this for you. This is ruling class talk. Jonathan Chait, New Republic, hate merchant, big lib, is winking at us. He said, look, these guys, you know, our counterparts over at the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Weekly Standard, National Review, you know, all these conservatives, these Republicans, they understand that there’s no freedom at risk here. Obama’s not the destroying the country, they know this, but their base has to be indulged. The fringe kook conservative base, which feels that freedom is threatened, that Obama is destroying the country. The Republicans regretfully understand they have to indulge and entertain that base and so they throw us a bone now and then. And then sometimes they go too far and one of their fringe kooks actually wins something, as in Christine O’Donnell and Chait’s happy to see the guys at the Wall Street Journal, the National Review and the Weekly Standard have it thrown in their face. So they’re all in on the gag, see. They’re all in on the joke. All these inside-the-Beltway people, ‘Look, those stupid Americans, those stupid right-wingers, those extremist kooks, do they really think freedom’s threatened? Do they really think Obama wants to take away freedom? Ha. What a bunch of rubes.’

And our friends over on the Republican media side, they gotta indulge it, I mean that’s their audience, that’s their subscribers, that’s the people that donate, so, yeah, they gotta write pieces now and then that entertain these yokels like us, folks. But at the end of the day, it’s all hocus-pocus. The Republicans know that freedom is not threatened and Obama’s not destroying anything, but we love seeing the Republicans have it blow up in their face now and then. And then Mike Murphy, who is a Republican campaign consultant, at one point he worked for McCain, he describes himself as a conservative. You’ve seen him on television. He’s a ruling class guy, a Republican consultant. Mike Murphy is basically saying, ‘All right, fine, you guys think that she can win?’ — oh, and by the way, did you know that Mike Castle called Obama or the other way around? Mike Castle talked with Obama and Biden last night, he still hasn’t called Christine O’Donnell.

Michelle Malkin: ‘It’s been 24 hours since Delaware GOP Senate primary winner Christine O’Donnell dethroned nine-term Soros Republican incumbent Mike Castle. As of tonight, he still hadn’t placed an obligatory call to congratulate her. … Even more intriguingly, the paper tweets that Castle’s lines of communication worked quite smoothly when he took calls from … President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden,’ and they called him. They called Mike Castle to commiserate. ‘Oh, we coulda made beautiful music together, Mike. Having you with us on cap and trade and amnesty for illegals and so forth, we’re sorry it didn’t work out but, you know, sometimes you Republicans, you gotta entertain your base out there, they really think I want to take away your freedom. Ha-ha-ha-ha.’

Here’s Mike Murphy: ‘Civil War in the GOP?’ He’s got a peacemaker proposal. ‘So I must say — speaking only for myself — that I’m not thrilled by the Delaware result. I’m a conservative, but I can do basic math. To me the whole thing looks like it came right out of Harry Reid’s dream journal. I think the primary voters decided, and it is their decision to make, to toss away a sure-thing GOP Senate pick-up for, well, I’m not sure what. I can say that with a GOP majority now a longer shot, heads are exploding throughout the GOP Senate caucus.’ And they are, if the Politico story is right. ‘That said, let me make a suggestion to the snarling combatants in the GOP’s looming civil war. Let’s settle the argument once and for all. I think the architects of the O’Donnell putsch, namely S.C. Senator Jim DeMint and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, should both temporarily move to Delaware full time and personally lead the O’Donnell campaign. Control it, direct it, and own it. Show that Georgetown cocktail party addicted and hapless GOP establishment how it’s really done. I’ve got my notebook out, and I’m ready to learn. Call me a peacemaker.’

So here’s Murphy, who also feels personally affronted, he feels personally insulted by O’Donnell’s victory. It was a sure thing for Castle, but now it’s, ‘Okay, okay, you guys know more than we do? You conservatives know more than we professionals? You conservatives know more than we inside the Beltway ruling class? Okay, DeMint, Palin, move to Delaware. You run the campaign. If we’re so out of touch with America, you show us how it’s done.’ Mike Murphy is one of our guys. That is one of our guys. ‘Okay, Palin, okay, DeMint, get yourselves to Delaware. I’ll sit here in my cocktail party.’ Apparently that really bugs these people when you tell ’em they’re trying to get their invitation list for the cocktail parties maintained and shorn up. So anyway there you have it. Jonathan Chait, ‘Hey, you know, Weekly Standard, National Review, Wall Street Journal, they know, they know freedom’s not at stake. They know freedom as we know it is not going to be lost but they also know they gotta entertain their kooks.’ How come they’re not coming after me? (interruption) Well, because I’m probably not mentioning their names personally, you know, I just refer to it as the pseudo-GOP intellectual media bunch. I don’t name names.

I don’t know why. Look, you know they hate me.


RUSH: From Politico, Democrats may make O’Donnell an issue. ‘The results of a series of brutal Republican primaries present embattled Democrats with an opportunity but also a balancing act. While they’re eager to highlight some of the views of the tea-party-backed candidates who have emerged — especially newly minted Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell — they’re in the midst of a new attempt to paint a broad national contrast with Republican economic policy and fear that message could be diluted. … ‘It is a little bit a matter of which ammo you use, and there’s a couple of different ways to go,’ Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine [‘The Eye’] told Politico, saying the two go hand in hand. ‘It’s all elements of painting the same choice.’ … But many of the candidates’ vulnerabilities aren’t on straightforward economic issues.

‘O’Donnell’s greatest problem may be her trail of debt and lawsuits. … The tension was on display Wednesday within Kaine’s own DNC, which after days of promising a laserlike focus on House Minority Leader John Boehner and his support for extending tax cuts for the rich,’ they got sidetracked here thinking they have to go after O’Donnell. Now, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m the defensive coordinator here for our side. The media, as you well know, will be right in there helping the Democrat Party’s national messaging. And what they’re going to say is that the Republicans are a party full of Christine O’Donnells and there’s no room for moderates anymore in the Republican Party. This is what her election means, then they’re going to quote Scott Brown from The Politico story lamenting it.

‘Oh, no! There’s no more room for moderates in the Republican Party,’ and then they’re going to say that Christine O’Donnell and the Republicans want to take away your Social Security, and they’re gonna really hyper-up the social issues side, the implicit message will be: ‘The Republicans are about to elect a slate of hard social rightists — I mean, big-time moralists — to the Congress.’ And you can find this in Atlantic magazine, Marc Ambinder. It’s what they’re going to do. The liberal journalist here is admitting media bias, admitting that the media is going to join the Democrat Party in this. And the way they’re going to go about this is to go back to page 35 of the playbook: ‘Republicans are gonna take away your Social Security, and a bunch of Moral Majority type people are gonna end up running things and you’re not gonna be able to masturbate, you’re not going to be able to have adoption, whatever.’

They’re going to go after you left and right on this. That’s what they’re going to do. Mark my words. ‘Almost half the country…’ This is AP. ‘Almost half the country opposes tax increases for the richest Americans, according to a poll suggesting that congressional Democrats are taking some risk by backing President Barack Obama’s plan to boost levies on the wealthy.’ Now, this, folks… This is a profound thing. We’re getting a very different tune here from the AP. This is the AP begging the Democrats to extend tax cuts for the rich. They went out and did a poll; half the country is against raising taxes on the rich. Now, this is a stunning thing to read in an article in the Associated Press. This shows just how worried the media complex is about the prospect of their Democrat masters losing control in Washington.

It’s really what this is all about. They’re going out and doing these polls and they’re finding out, ‘You know, these guys, the American people, they don’t want the rich taxed!’ They’re trying to send a message to the Democrats. Apparently the AP is so worried they’re even willing to push for tax cuts for the rich if it will help the Democrats at the polls. This is near heresy. They’re so concerned now, they are even willing to drop their class warfare for a day and tell the truth about all this! Listen to this: ‘Less than 50 days from elections that Republicans hope will hand them control of Congress, the Associated Press-GfK Poll is stuffed with encouraging signs for the GOP. Huge majorities call the economy sickly and say Congress is doing its job badly.

‘By a 46 percent to 41 percent margin, people want Republicans steering the economy — the first GOP edge on that runaway No. 1 concern of voters in the AP-GfK poll,’ ever! ‘And while Americans are evenly split over whether they prefer their district’s Democratic or GOP congressional candidate, those likeliest to vote tilt toward the Republicans, 53 percent to 43 percent,’ and by the way, the enthusiasm gap here is huge. Even Michael Barone is writing about it, the enthusiasm for Republican voters. It’s always up for the party out of power in midterm elections, but they have never seen anything like this, the enthusiasm Republican voters have. There’s nothing — and they’re hoping Obama can go out there and do something to gin up identical enthusiasm on the left. But those days are over.

People are abandoning Obama in droves. There’s nothing he can do. He can’t go back and recapture this spirit that he had prior to being immaculated. He can’t do it. So now this is… I’m telling you, when the AP comes out and says, ‘Warning! Warning! You better support tax cuts for the rich,’ that means now they’re really, really worried that all this polling data that the Democrats gonna lose control in both houses is accurate.


RUSH: Snerdley, you asked me earlier, these Republican consultants, campaign consultants, Democrat campaign consultants, you asked me why aren’t they coming after me. I said they hate me. I think the real answer to this is they just pretend I’m not here. They just pretend I don’t exist. It’s easier that way. You know Zev Chafets’ book on me, the biography, An Army of One? The National Review didn’t review it. The Weekly Standard didn’t review it. Mike Murphy didn’t review it. Scott Brown didn’t review it. The Wall Street Journal didn’t review it. They just pretend I’m not here. They just pretend I don’t exist. I think that’s how they deal with it. Well, Castle knows I exist but that’s only because (laughing) — they all know I exist. That’s why I say they’re pretending.


RUSH: That’s an interesting point out there. By the way, I erred. The National Review did review the Zev Chafets book. The Weekly Standard didn’t. None of the conservative columnists did, which didn’t surprise me. I’m just answering Snerdley’s question. They just pretend I don’t exist. It’s the easiest way to deal with me. I’m really not here.


RUSH: Elijah in Petersburg, Illinois, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Longtime listener, first-time caller, God bless the work you do.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to make a mention about the Mike Murphy piece. It just makes me realize that Christine O’Donnell’s Delaware victory seems to help non-conservatives in the Republican Party expose themselves as such.

RUSH: Well, it is bringing ’em out of the woodwork and they’re showing their anger, is that what you mean? They’re identifying themselves as non-conservatives?

CALLER: Exactly, exactly, and showing their true colors.

RUSH: But Murphy says he’s a conservative.

CALLER: Well, then I guess that’s for the rest of us to decide. After listening to you read his article, it makes me think maybe not as much.

RUSH: Well, remember, now, these guys, as I say, they work in a very small, confined area. They work in 15 to 20% of the electorate. That’s where they focus their efforts and I don’t think very many of them actually use conservatism or principles as a way of getting those 15 to 20% to vote for their candidate. I think they used numbers-based stuff. You know, whatever it takes. Their job is to produce votes for people and raise money for people. I think that they kind of eschew the loyalty to principle or ideology because they think that’s for the rubes. I mean my job is far more broad-based than just that, and they have to pay lip service to that. They look at their job as having far wider range of importance than just rallying people to a candidate based on conservatism. It’s far more involved than just that. So every time a candidate wins on the basis of loyalty and principles and conservatism and so forth, that kind of smacks ’em upside the head.

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