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Folks, the State-Controlled Media says Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware has made a “Republican Senate takeover less likely.” CBS “Elections Director” Anthony Salvanto (ever heard of him?)has published a state-by-state analysis.

And f the 17 Senate races he looked at, he gives the edge to Democrats in only three: Connecticut, West Virginia, and Delaware. I say Republicans are competitive in even thesestates — including Delaware.

But according to Salvanto, Republicans have the edge in seven races: Arkansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana. You know what? It isn’t impossible for Republicans to run the slate.

Now look at the states CBS says are the “toss ups”: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, and Wisconsin. The smart money puts Florida in Republican territory; Rubio is wiping his opponents off the map. Dingy Harry Reid is in deep do-do in Nevada– so much sohe’s trying to attach an amnesty provision to a defense bill to get the Hispanic vote.

And here’s something CBS doesn’t get about California. When statewide votes are held,they lean conservative. Proposition 187 and Prop 8 prove it. And when the defining election issue is taxes,even California liberal voters tilt right, which is why Proposition 13 is still on the books out there.

You add it all up, and we could see a Republican tsunami in the Senate, despite the conventional wisdom. And with voters everywhere on a tear to derail Obama policies? Si se Puede! Yes, we can!

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