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RUSH: A programming note, ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow night I have a Rush to Excellence appearance in Philadelphia. Now, normally, in order to make sure I am there, we would have a guest host in tomorrow, and I would leave in the morning to allow for any possible weather delays, mechanicals on the airplane, or anything unforeseen. I mean if you’re going to be in Philadelphia at 7:30, you’ve got to be there. And it’s just a little risky leaving at four o’clock in the afternoon for a 6:30 curtain call — well, 7:30 curtain call, 6:30 backstage stuff. It’s a two-hour flight. But it’s election season and we decided I’m gonna do two hours of the program tomorrow and leave at two o’clock and still allow time for any potential delays to be overcome. Mark Davis will do the last hour of the program tomorrow. Normally with these things you go in the night before, just to make sure you’re there. People have paid money for the tickets, the money goes to charity, certainly not to me, and you gotta be there.

It’s like the NFL. The teams are required to get there the night before, the kickoff at one o’clock, the team’s gotta be there. You can’t fly in that day. Pregame meal and all that five hours before the game, you gotta be there. I’ve always treated these things that way, have to be there. So we’re going to be cutting it close anyway, if there’s any kind of weather delay tomorrow or a mechanical, you just never know. Anything can happen. I’ve been circling New York City for three hours in an air traffic control delay on a perfectly clear day because of weather someplace else, system just jammed up. So normally to eliminate all these possibilities you get in there 24 hours in advance. But tomorrow we’re gonna roll the dice. Now, Snerdley’s in there going, ‘No, no, no, I think you ought to follow established procedure.’ Snerdley obviously has something he would rather do tomorrow than screen the program for two hours, right? (laughing) Oh, you’d screen for all three even if I were not here tomorrow? Oh, okay.

I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. There will probably be some Philly steaks backstage and Nick’s Roast Beef always comes — well, you don’t eat beef. The cheese steaks are great, but there’s nothing better in south Philly than Nick’s Roast Beef. Yes. They even took McNabb’s picture down in there and put my picture up, two years ago, at Nick’s Roast Beef. I think McNabb’s picture is back up now. But, yeah, oh, it’s fabulous, and it’s best if you eat it there. You can take it with you. We’ll probably put a bunch of it on the airplane for the trip home, but they always bring some stuff backstage, too. And the cheese steaks, of course, with Cheez Whiz, not Swiss, as the aristocratic John F. Kerry, who once served in Vietnam, once ordered. He’d have ordered a cheese steak with Grey Poupon and Swiss cheese on the campaign trail. (interruption) They looked at him. They didn’t know what to do. I mean, the cameras were all around.


RUSH: I got a lot of questions. ‘Rush, why don’t you fly into Philadelphia tonight and do your show from Philadelphia tomorrow?’ It’s a good question. Folks, it’s just tough. You know, remoting a radio show is the easiest thing in the world to do today. You literally can do it from anywhere — except me. Because of my cochlear implant and hearing problems, it takes more than me. It takes more than me and a phone line. It takes a whole bunch of people and stuff. It’s why we don’t do more of it, frankly. We have to take our own equipment with us, what exists in radio stations doesn’t work. It takes a village to do this, and it’s my problem. It’s because of my hearing and the limitations of cochlear implant with modern broadcast technology. So… (interruption) What, Snerdley? It’s the truth. (interruption) I want to explain it because people are going to have questions, and the less I say the more questions they’re going to have. It’s a legitimate question: ‘Why don’t you do your show from Philadelphia noon to three?’ If I could, I would. If it was simple to do. I’d have to bring five people with me. I can’t afford to take ’em all to Nick’s Roast Beef and I don’t want to go to Nick’s Roast Beef with all five of them! I mean, there are all kinds of reasons. They all demand the same kind of hotel suite I have. It’s just a hassle, folks, it’s a genuine hassle.

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