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Homeland security secretary “Big Sis” Janet Napolitano is on her high horse again. Last week she took aim at Texas Governor Rick Perryfor daring to ask the regime to send more National Guard troops to the Texas border.

“This is a civilian border,” she scolded. “The National Guard is not designed to be a substitute for civilian law enforcement. Civilian law enforcement is being ‘plussed-up’ at record rates. And it’s being ‘plussed-up’ all a long the border. It’s being backed up by state-of-the-art technology and it’s being backed up by infrastructure, and that’s the way you have a secure border area.” Oh, really?

Big Sis,what the heck is a “civilian border”? We have national borders! Something you should know as head of homeland security! Fact is, Big Sis, you and Obama could care less about securing the border or enforcing immigration laws,because you’re afraid of offending Hispanic voters –everyone knows your game! Big Sis then said if Rick Perry wanted more Guardsmen at the border,he should pay for them.

Get a load of Big Sis’s bait-and-switch. When individual states like Arizona take actions to defend their borders, the regime steps in with “plussed-up” jackboots to shut them down,claiming it infringes on federal power. But when Rick Perry asks for federal help, they switch gears, telling him Texas should take care of the “civilian” border themselves.

You people are fooling no one, so we’ll be doing our own plussing-up…come November.

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