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RUSH: Here is James in Normal, Illinois, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, thank you. I wanted to take exception with your charge that the liberal media is simply trying to make Palin or O’Donnell portrayed as evil individuals. I mean any candidate who has made as many outlandish and sometimes ridiculous statements as those two is going to be under such scrutiny, and a good deal of it has come from the right as well.

RUSH: Well, give me some outlandish, ridiculous statement that Palin’s made or that O’Donnell’s made.

CALLER: Well, you can go back and there’s a whole —

RUSH: Give me a couple, ’cause I can quote all kinds of ridiculous stupid stuff Biden said that Obama has said, that Ted Kennedy said, Harry Reid said, and they don’t demonize them, they laud them, they make them heroes. Tell me something outrageous and outlandish Christine O’Donnell said.

CALLER: Well, I think it’s outlandish that she was involved in witchcraft and that’s not been taken to issue, for example, with the Fox network, whereas if that had been a Democrat who was running Fox would be all over it, they would have a witchcraft special. I think a lot of her comments on abstinence —

RUSH: You know, she dabbled in witchcraft and found out she didn’t like it. She had a boyfriend dealing with it. She did it in high school! In the meantime, we have president who’s destroying the United States economy! To me, that’s outlandish! We have a man who’s lying through his teeth about what he’s doing with health care. We’ve got a disconnect. Outlandish? Witchcraft? And Joe Biden says he’s number two in line for the presidency when he’s number one? God, I wish he was number two, but that would make Pelosi number one. We’re screwed! Snerdley, I appreciate that you want to try to find liberal callers. Can you find some that are not filled with cliches? Maybe it is impossible.

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