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You know, ever since the Citizens United case — when the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are free to spend their own money to engage in the political process — Democrats have been screaming. But now they’re about to go quiet.

That’s because Government Motors has stepped into the political process lifting a self-imposed ban on donating to political campaigns. Unsurprisingly, the largest beneficiaries of Government Motors’ donations are Democrats. Debbie Stabenow, Sherrod Brown, and John Dingell are among the Democrats getting campaignmoney from GM.

So Obama fires the CEO of GM and installs his own boss. Then with a 61 percent ownership stake the Obama Regime dictates what kind of cars Government Motors is going to make, specifically so-called “green” cars that nobody wants. Now, under the Regime’s control Government Motors donates to Democrats that they say “support a strong auto industry.” Who wrote the list? Obama?

Government Motors spokesman Greg Martin is quoted in the Wall Street Journal: “As we’ve emerged as a new company, we’re not going to sit on the sidelines as our competitors and other industries who have PACs are participating in the political process.”

Now look,I’m all for corporations using their money to join in the political debate, their money! But Government Motors still owes the taxpayers billions of ourdollars, so it’s not their money being used to support Democrats. It’s yours; it’s mine; it’s ours. And that is a problem.

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