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“The Obama voter has all the staying power of a booze-fueled hookup at a bar frequented by Braylon Edwards. Tea partiers, on the other hand, are married to a cause.”

“The Republican Pledge — nothing crazy about it at all. It’s basic, common sense positions. In fact, I’d like somebody to ask Mike Castle, ‘Do you agree with this?’ And McCain: ‘Senator McCain, do you agree with this Pledge?'”

“The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies makes free men out of the children of the regime. The EIB Network is the great emancipator of the mind.”

“The Democrat plan is very simple: Lie to the American people, present a whole bunch of fictitious, fraudulent people spouting platitudes, get elected, and then govern against the will of the people.”

“You’re going to hear the Drive-Bys and the Democrats demand that the Republicans be more specific. Well, every time you hear that, just remember Nancy Pelosi saying, ‘We have to pass this healthcare bill to find out what’s in it.'”

“A story I have in the Stack: ‘Half of the Country No Longer Think the American Dream’s Possible.’ Well, that won’t do. That simply won’t do.”

“Honest to God, folks, because of the faith I have in the people of this country, I never really believed that the people would elect somebody who intends to destroy it.”

“I rememberthe 80s;some people were asking, ‘Well, what has Reagan done for the country?’ And the answer was very simple: He made people feel good about the country again.”

“Is Obama making you proud to be an American? Is anybody in the Democratic Party making you proud to be an American? No. They’re blaming you. You’re destroying the climate. You’re destroying the polar bear habitat.”

“You know, there’s a fine line these days between education and subsidized ignorance — a very, very fine line.”

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