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RUSH: John in Garden Grove, California, you’re next, Open Line Friday. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush. I just want to let you know that last night I saw on television that that Chrysler LLC employees were caught smoking pot and drinking beer on the job. This is the reason why the auto industry failed is because the unions would not let them be fired before. This is the real reason why they couldn’t make an auto. You submit that Mercedes Benz is the finest automobile company in the world. They could not make Chrysler profitable because of the union. But yet still Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, they’re making autos all over the United States, in nonunion shops, and those automobiles are perfect.

RUSH: Well, you might get some argument from some people on the best-made cars in the world but I understand what you’re saying, that you had union workers at Chrysler boozing it up and smoking dope on the job. From WJBK Channel 2 News, Eyeball News in Detroit, here is a portion of a report about that very thing.

REPORTER: We started following them just five days after President Obama’s visit and caught them day after day hitting up the party store, then hitting a public park to pound beers. Oh, and did I mention a little smokin’? The day shift at Jefferson North [Assembly Plant] starts at six a.m. At 11 there’s a half-hour lunch break. The partiers have just enough time to head up to the liquor store, drive about a mile to the park, consume for ten minutes, and get back to the plant in time to work the last three hours of their shifts. Hey, guys. Hate to be a buzz kill, but shouldn’t you guys be building cars? The government spent a lot of people bailing you guys out, and you’re coming out here on your lunch break drinking like this? (car squealing away) Where are you guys going, man? You gonna go build some cars now after you had a few beers?

RUSH: Chrysler workers boozing it up and having a few doobies on breaks — and they want to legalize pot in California, the unions do.


RUSH: By the way, did you see the video clip of these Chrysler workers? They’re drinking the booze out of brown paper bags. I mean, they’re guzzling from the bottles, Dawn! It’s just sad. They’re guzzling from the bottles out there and they’re yukking it up and having a great time. You see them get in their cars and drive to work — and they’re driving Fords! If you look at it, if you notice that these Chrysler workers are driving Fords out there. Now, Obama praised these very workers back in July, on the 30th of July in Detroit at the Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant. He spoke about the economy and the auto industry.

OBAMA: This plant and your jobs might not exist. There are leaders of the ‘just say no’ crowd in Washin’ton, they were saying, oh, standing by the auto industry would guarantee failure. One of them called it ‘the worst investment you could possibly make.’


OBAMA: They saaaaaaid… They said we should just walk away and let those jobs go.


OBAMA: I — I wish they were standing here today. I wish they could see what I’m seein’ in this plant and talk to the workers who are here takin’ priiide in building a world class vehicle. I don’t think they’d be willin’ to look you in the eye and say you were a bad investment.

RUSH: While they’re boozing it up on their 30-minute breaks in the park and toking some doobies and driving to and from work in Fords, and Obama’s out praising the guys — and it was Channel 2 in Detroit that did the news, Channel 2 Eyeball News.

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