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RUSH: The stock market is skyrocketing. There are two reasons for it. One reason is — and this is a dirty little secret — one reason is the Federal Reserve is out loaning money to people to buy stocks. That’s the simplest way to explain it. They are lending money to buy stocks to prop it up, to prop up Obama, to counter all the negative news about the Democrats. Don’t think the Federal Reserve and Bernanke would not take steps to help Obama, the sitting leader. Don’t think they wouldn’t.

What do you think the financial crisis in 2008 was all about? It was about getting rid of Republicans and putting Obama in there. So you got a market. All of a sudden, right before the election, what’s happening to the market? It’s 400, 500 points. People are talking about this a 13,000, 14,000 market by next year.

You think this is an accident? You think this ‘crisis’ necessary TARP bailout was an accident in 2008? There are no coincidences. The second thing that’s happening on Wall Street is that the people who are not part of this insider bunch that’s having money lent to buy stocks and prop up value — and, by the way, that’s creating a bubble that will burst. Because if I’m right about this, this is not genuine market forces driving stock price up. It’s the Federal Reserve. And at some point they’re gonna stop. So you got a bubble could burst. But the second half they have that’s causing the stock markets to go up is there are a lot of just everyday ordinary people who are excited about the fact the Democrats are gonna lose in November. So there’s two things working bidding up the market — and it’s all oriented about Obama being propped up or being neutered, so to speak. In other words, gridlock — the possibility of gridlock and Obamanomics, Obamaism, being stopped, the Republicans winning the House — that’s exciting a lot of investors.

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