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RUSH: Rasmussen Reports polling data. Delaware, Senate, 2010. ‘Democrat Chris Coons’ lead over Republican Christine O’Donnell shrinks when Delaware voters are given the option of voting for Mike Castle as a write-in in the state’s U.S. Senate race.’ So if Castle shows up as a write-in he takes votes away from Coons, not away from Christine O’Donnell. The same thing as in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski is taking votes away from the Democrat out there, not the Republican. Karl Rove was on Fox today talking about the fact that polling data shows that the Republican Party becoming more and more ideologically conservative, which is not going to please the ruling class Republicans who are not going to be excited about that. But there is something happening out there, and it continues to effervesce.


RUSH: From the LA Times today. Listen to this headline: ‘Politicians’ Money Woes Strike a Chord with Voters.’ This is a story actually out of Marietta, Georgia. ‘Georgia voter Bobbie Huff has heard about the failed business venture and the big loan that has Nathan Deal, this state’s gubernatorial front-runner, on the hook for more than $2 million. She’s also heard that Deal, an 18-year veteran of Congress, will likely have to sell his house and liquidate other assets to cover the debt. But Huff can’t bring herself to render a stern judgment on the man just because he’s suffered in the recession. After all, she said, who hasn’t? … In some cases, adversaries point to these problems as examples of poor judgment and highlight perceived ethical lapses. But experts say they would be wise to tread carefully in a time of widespread pain, because voter sympathy may weigh into election day [sic] decisions.’

Now, this takes us to Christine O’Donnell. Christine O’Donnell went into debt. She couldn’t pay off a mortgage because she decided to do some pro bono legal work that she thought was important and she didn’t get paid, obviously. It was pro bono. And d she had some leans from the IRS placed on her, and when this all came up I said, ‘Isn’t this, in this day and age, a qualification?’ I mean, a lot of people have had the IRS after ’em and it’s not pleasant. It’s one way to relate, but it’s also a two-way street here. Now, in this case, Nathan Deal, if he tries to start a business and has to sell his house to cover debt, this story says it’s not necessarily a negative anymore. ‘Residents understand that they are in the same situation.’ Let’s take a look the other side of this. How about the cronyism — the corporate cronyism, crony capitalism — that exists between members of the ruling class and the political elite and the business community?

For example, look at Castle. I mean, let’s cut to the chase here on Mike Castle. Mike Castle votes for cap and trade. Why is Mike Castle voting for cap and trade? Why did he? I’ll tell you why. It’s because a lot of his money, a lot of his contributors are Wall Street people who are gonna get rich if cap and trade ever passes. Look, it’s called cap and trade. Trade. Somewhere on Wall Street — companies, Goldman Sachs, whoever, I don’t know — will be in charge of trading carbon credits. And as you know, the traders make out regardless how the trade goes. As the intermediary, they’re the broker. So here you have Mike Castle, ‘The hell with ideology, the hell with principle, the hell with what the future of the country is.’ Follow the money trail. He votes for cap and trade. He may not even know what it is. He may not even care what the impact of cap and trade is on his constituents.

All he’s concerned about is the money he gets in donations from people who are gonna get rich off of it. John Kerry. No, forget Kerry. Kerry married it, but Chris Dodd. Chris Dodd gets all these sweetheart deals from Angelo Mozilo, whatever his name was at Countrywide on these mortgages? That’s something you and I can’t get. That’s something Christine O’Donnell can’t get. That’s the kind of stuff that’s acting people. This is what the ruling class doesn’t get. The fact that some guy named Nathan Deal had a failed business venture and might have to sell his house and liquidate other assets to cover the debt, that’s something people with relate to. He’s not stealing from anybody. He’s not being shown any favoritism. He took a risk, he’s paying the price, and he’s running for governor. He can relate to a lot of people.

Ditto Christine O’Donnell. Ditto Rand Paul. Ditto Sharron Angle. You know, these are people who have lived lives. These are people who have not… Carl Paladino in New York. These are people who have lived lives. This is the ascension here. This is what’s happening. People from the non-ruling class, the so-called nonelites, are getting into the political system — and of course they’re real people. They’ve lived lives. Nobody’s clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. Everybody’s got something in their background. You do an anal exam on everybody, you’re going to find something — a media anal exam. But these people did not benefit from having ties to fellow elitists in the money world, in the banking community or whatever.

So when we hear the ruling class Republicans say, ‘Mike Castle has gotta be elected! We need 51 votes.’ They’re not even talking about 51 votes to save the country; they’re not talking 51 votes to oppose Obama. They’re not talking 51 votes to defeat Obama’s agenda. They’re talking to 51 votes to keep the Money Line open. Well, I think people are becoming more and more sophisticated and more aware of this. Just look at Chicago politics. Obama and all these people. The financial dealings that heard people or anger people are are going to harm them are those that result from having access to people who you give you a deal that average, ordinary so-called normal people can’t get.

Normal people go into debt, normal people have to pay it off, normal people either get foreclosed on or what have you. They live lives. They have life experiences. They, thus, know how to reality to the vast majority of people in the country. The vast majority of people in the country do not know the CEO of Countrywide, they don’t get sweetheart deals on their mortgages, and they’re not members of the US Senate at the same time. They know they can’t have that kind of access, and they know that people in the Senate and the House who have access to that kind of money are voting in the interests of their own benefit to keep that relationship alive, and that’s why we’re getting stories here in the LA Times:

‘Politicians’ Money Woes Strike a Chord with Voters — Candidates who’ve faced bankruptcy or foreclosure are finding that many people sympathize with their problems. And their opponents refrain from attacking on the financial front,’ except Obama and the Democrats are doing just that. They’re going to try and go out and do everything they can to smear people on the basis of some sort of skeleton in the closet, be it financial, ethical, moral, or what have you. So, folks, there’s something going on out there. Real people, real lives are ascending. This is the Tea Party. The sophistication among these people is for understanding exactly just what all insider deals are in politics, and they don’t want any part of it.

The people have elected representatives and senators to go to Congress as Republicans and Democrats, and they find out that the interests of the country — the issues, defeating Obama’s agenda — doesn’t matter. Certainly it’s not primary. There are other reasons. And Castle’s vote for cap and trade is the greatest, clearest example that I could give you. The so-called moderates like Castle, they condemn us, and they’re actually out there cutting deals all the time. Despite their populist rhetoric at times, they’re whores! They’re whoring themselves out to the highest bidder. Castle was great to the banks and other financial institutions, all headquartered in Delaware. Take a look. A lot of LLCs, a lot of companies charter in Delaware. It’s very favorable there. Somebody in the American Spectator wrote, ‘His support for cap and trade is support for companies in his state who open to make a fortune trading carbon credits.’ He’s not even voting for it because he thinks it would save the planet. He didn’t even vote for cap and trade because he thinks it’s good policy. He voted for cap and trade because that’s what the people donating to him want, and that’s how he’s gonna get taken care of on the other end of the deal.


RUSH: Folks, the choice in the election in November and the election in 2012 — the choice in the upcoming elections — boils down to this: It’s either Obama and the Democrats or America. You can’t have both. That’s the only way — and this what the Tea Party knows. That’s the only way to look at it. It’s either Obama and the Democrats or America. You cannot have both of them.

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