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RUSH: Carol in Pittsburgh, speaking of the devil, nice-of-you on on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Mr. Limbaugh, it is a pleasure to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Congratulations on your wedding.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of commentary about the fact that conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and Ms. O’Donnell are particularly attacked and their viciously attacked by the left, and the ruling class doesn’t tend to like us very much, us conservative women. And I think the answer is easy. I think that they attack conservative women because they think that women are naturally theirs. The libs think that we belong to them and they’re shocked when they find out that we’re not part of their team.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. You’re close. Liberalism is a lie. Everything about it is a lie. Therefore, the fact that all women are pro-abortion and all women support Democrats is a lie. But it is something that they’ve put out there. It is a cliche that women vote Democrat. So here you have Palin, Michele Bachmann, Blackburn, Christine O’Donnell. It’s fear is what it is, Carol. The left is afraid. They tell us every day who they fear. They tell us every day who they’re afraid of. Now they are afraid of Christine O’Donnell. The reason they’re afraid of Palin and O’Donnell is because Palin and O’Donnell are acting with courage outside the boundaries of the way you behave as members of the ruling class. They’re acting outside it, and they are putting the lie to the cliche. It’s the same reason it’s assumed that all blacks are Democrats and that all blacks vote for Democrats.

Here comes Clarence Thomas, nominated to be an associate justice in the US Supreme Court. Look what happened to him. The entire network of civil rights groups — the NAALCP, the people that are supposedly for ‘the advancement of colored people,’ the feminazis — all came out against Clarence Thomas, an African-American. Why? Because they are living a lie, and he exposes it. He illustrates it, as the most powerful black man in the country. I’m talking about genuine power, associate justice of the US Supreme Court. As the most powerful black man in the country, Clarence Thomas puts the lie to the myth that if you’re black, the only way you can get anywhere is to go through the prescriptions laid out by the civil rights coalition, the NAALCP, affirmative action, and all of that.

I know it sounds so simple it can’t be true, but the simplest way to understand why liberals do everything is that everything is a lie, and when anything comes along and threatens to expose the lie, those people have to be destroyed. What’s Sarah Palin ever done to anybody? What has Christine O’Donnell ever done to anybody? Nothing. Who have they hurt? Whose businesses have they destroyed, unlike Obama? Whose kids have they condemned to death via abortion? None. What actions have they taken that have created harm for people around them? Nothing. So what is it that warrants this almost unspeakable assault on these women? It’s very simple: They’re feared. They are just afraid of them, and on a whole bunch of levels. I mean, Sarah Palin is really at the top of the list here, now Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle. They all coming from nowhere. They haven’t followed the prescriptions.

They haven’t followed the route. They didn’t go to right university, didn’t go to Ivy League, they haven’t been raised to be politicians. They weren’t trained, they haven’t been groomed, they’re not living a fraudulent life. They’re not phonies. They are genuine, real people who have lived their lives. They have not been guided through their lives. The way has not been paved for them. The course has not been charted like it is for anybody in government that comes out of Harvard or comes out of Yale. They are trained to go into the political-government complex. They’re trained how to talk, how to behave, how to act as a member of the ruling class, how to dress. Why do you think they attacked Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, for crying out loud? These people who are doing the attacking know that they’re skating on thin ice. They know that they’re frauds. They know they’re living a lie. They know that they are this far away from having it totally exposed. If they lose the money cover, they’re in real trouble. That’s why they’re afraid of all these women and anybody else who threatens to expose them.


RUSH: Look, folks. On paper, Sarah Palin is exactly what the NOW gang and the rest say they’ve always wanted. On paper, Sarah Palin is it. She has it all. She is at the pinnacle of a political career, she has a family, she has a loving and doting family and husband. She has an active, full life. She does it all. Everything the feminazis told women they could do, and yet they try to destroy her. She’s a mom who got involved in politics because of her kids and worked up through the system. She took on the GOP’s old boys club. She hasn’t backed down. She didn’t owe anything to her father. She didn’t owe anything to her husband. Her father, her husband didn’t pave the way for her or grease the skids for her. Compare Palin and O’Donnell to the idols of NOW on the Democrats like Hillary Clinton or Michelle (My Belle) Obama. (interruption)

Hillary… Well, that’s true but I’m not gonna mention that right now. Hillary never got hired by a law firm until her husband, Bill, was elected attorney general in Arkansas — and she didn’t make partner at the Rose Law Firm until the day he became governor. Michelle (My Belle) Obama didn’t show up with a meaningful job — and it wasn’t even meaningful. It was a-no-show job at a hospital after her husband gets in the Illinois Senate. They both got wherever they got because of their husbands. And in Michelle’s case and Hillary, especially Hillary’s case, she figured out way time long ago: Hitch her wagon to Clinton, follow ’em wherever he was gonna go, and when he gets there take over. And who knows, Michelle might be doing the same thing, who knows.

But you notice, nobody in the Tea Party, not even anybody in the GOP, keeps telling the voters how stupid we are, like the Democrats always do. John Kerry did it over the weekend. John Kerry once again, ‘Well, you know, people are gonna vote this November in the elections, they just don’t know what’s going on.’ Whenever the liberals and the Democrats are about to lose elections, it’s because the people are stupid. And the left would like you to believe that they hold O’Donnell and Palin up to ridicule because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Yeah. The left says, ‘Oh, yeah, give us more of Palin! Give us more of that stupid woman. Give us more of O’Donnell.’ Right. (chuckles) It’s fascinating. So by that measure, the Democrats ought to be heading to a landslide because the Democrats have done nothing but expose all the stupidity of Palin and now the stupidity of O’Donnell.

For years and years and years! Why, Democrats ought to be preparing to roll in a landslide next month. Well, it’s fear. They are deathly afraid of being exposed. You libs out there… You know, some of you rank-and-file libs, you may not even get what I’m talking about when I talk about the rank-and-file lib leaders that chart this course. They know they’re living fraudulent lives. They know they haven’t accomplished anything on their own. They know that they are a ruling minority. They know they represent barely 20% of the thinking in this country, and they’ve got themselves believing that they’re twice as smart as everybody else, the rest of us are a bunch of rubes. And make no mistake: You rank-and-file libs, they think the same thing of you.

You’re mind-numbed robots following them right along. They’re a Pied Piper. They think everybody’s stupid, including you! You blue-collar, rank-and-file lib guys and lib babes? You think that they look at you the same way they look at themselves? They look down on you the same way they look down on Palin. They care about you only on Election Day. Ask the blacks. Ask the 90% of blacks that vote for him. What have they done for them? Election Day they promised all kinds of stuff but it’s never delivered. All they’ve done is destroy their families with the welfare state. The 2010 election is not between left and right, liberal or conservative, red or blue. I mean, you could say that it is, but you could boil it down to its essence by saying this election is between two groups. One group is the get things done group. The other is the get things.

Get Things Done vs. Get Things.

And you rank-and-file little liberal schneids out there you’re the ones sitting around waiting everything to be handed to you and given to you because you think you’re owed that, just because you’re an American. And life hasn’t treated you fairly and you judge equality by taking something from anybody that has more than you do and redistributing it around so that everybody’s the same. Two groups: Get Things Done, and the Get Things. ‘Who will let me do what I do well and who will give me more of what I want?’ That’s the two basic voter groups. ‘Who’s gonna give me more what I want? Who’s gonna get out of my way and let me do what I do well?’ Now, you might be hoping for the left to lose 40 seats in the House, to drain the swamp of liberal rule. I’m hoping they lose a hundred seats. That’s my hope and change. I want ’em wiped out. I want them shellacked.

I want the left accurately represented at the end of the day at Election Day as the genuine minority they are. They represent… By polling data, go out and ask people in America: ‘Are you liberal or a conservative?’ and 20% say liberal, 40% say conservative, 38% say independent. The rest say, ‘See me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll tell you later.’ They’re twenty percent. A real tsunami. I want a tsunami that’s gonna send a genuine message to Obama and to the media that we are not the United States of Liberals, that we are the United States of America. The country’s mainstream is not your mainstream. The fierce urgency of now is for you who are destroying the country — either by your ‘give me, give me, give me’ attitude or you’re voting for those you think are gonna give you, give you, give you — you’re the ones that have to change. The need for change is for you liberals to wake up and become responsible. I have a slogan: Higher Taxes or Hire You. H-i-g-h-e-r tax or hire you, h-i-r-e. Higher Taxes or Hire You. Here’s Dave in Heron Lake, New Mexico. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Good day, Rush.


CALLER: Everything you said I’ve been hoping for for the last 55 years that I was eligible to vote.

RUSH: (chuckles) Yeah.

CALLER: We got the Obama circus coming to New Mexico today.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: He’s campaigning for the lieutenant governor — a Democrat, naturally — which is the follow-up on what I call ‘Little DC.’ We had a governor that came into office with a $500 million dollars surplus. He’s gone out of office with a $1 billion-dollar deficit.

RUSH: Ah, that’s because it’s Bush’s fault.

CALLER: Yeah. He’s pushing for cap and trade. He’s pushed his let’s say his cronies. He’s got about 350 cronies that he put into office. He’s pushing for the health bill that he’s trying to push in office now. I’m a retiree, and I got direct deposit for my retirement check, a union-supervised union pension.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And I just noticed they’re taking about $10 more out of my taxes than they did before. Who in the heck are they paying off? You know, these what I call the Three Stooges, Biden, Clinton, and Obama, coming to New Mexico to campaign and I wish Obama would stay home. Whoever is maintaining that Air Force One must be going crazy maintaining that plane because he’s always in it.

RUSH: Well, that’s true.

CALLER: That’s all I got to tell you.

RUSH: But I happen to know a little of aviation. The people maintaining it love it being used. I mean, that’s just the way it is. But your description of what’s happening in New Mexico, I’m sure, resonates with a lot of people around the country as to their state.

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