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RUSH: John in Baxter, Minnesota. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I appreciate it. I just want to say: If Bob made you look good, I’m going to make you look bad, because I believe for 20 years you are truly the army of one.

RUSH: (laughing) Thank you very much.

CALLER: Anyway, my question was on gross income. When it’s $250,000 gross, is that what he’s going to tax people on?

RUSH: Yeah, 250 gross.

CALLER: Gross! But this is ridiculous. We have a gentleman in our area that did $500,000 gross here a couple years and lost a hundred thousand. Now, would he still be taxed the 7% on the 500,000 gross?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: This is crazy. Anyway, one other comment if I can make it. I would like to have you take a vacation for a day and have Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Williams, Mr. Goldman, and this young guy, Tom Parker — a young black fellow, just so articulate. I don’t know if his first name is Tom but he just really ripped up what these demagogue socialist Democrats are saying.

RUSH: You know, maybe it’s time for me to think about doing something else.

CALLER: Oh, okay. (laughing)

RUSH: No, you’re the first caller that’s asked me to take a day off.

CALLER: I think you deserve a day off. You’ve been working hard.

RUSH: Most people, when I take a day off, say I’ve lost touch and I don’t like working.

CALLER: Well, if you do take a day off would you consider having Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Williams, Mr. Goldman there and Tom Parker come on and just kind of have a chitchat together?

RUSH: Well, um…

CALLER: They’re the most articulate people. You know, you’re the most, but they’re right up there, I mean they’re very —

RUSH: Well, I love Dr. Sowell. In fact, I’m actually very disappointed. I was invited to Dr. Sowell’s 80th birthday party a couple weekends ago and I couldn’t go. I had every plan in the world to be there and I came down with a fever and was unable to make it. (interruption) Yeah, it was out in California. It was on Saturday. It was that Friday I missed.


RUSH: It was the day after that. He’s a brilliant economist.

RUSH: Brilliant guy.

CALLER: ‘Oh, wait, he’s black. He doesn’t know anything.’ Come on, these people are idiots out there. Dr. Williams is very articulate when he’s taken over your show.

RUSH: I love Dr. Williams. I love all these guys.

CALLER: And do you know this young guy? I think his name is Tom Parker. Young black fellow?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know who that is. But don’t hold that against him.

CALLER: Well, no, but he had a report on these people calling us ‘white crackers’ and et cetera, et cetera, that he really laid out a whole spiel (laughing) on these derogatory terms that people use. He was brilliant, just a young fellow.

RUSH: You like being called a ‘white cracker’?

CALLER: I don’t mind it. You can call me every name in the book and it never offends me. I am the use the N-word because I don’t think that’s nice, people don’t like it, so I’m not going to use it.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But black people use it, they use it in their rap music and they talk that way. I’ve even had a black friend of mine — she was a girl, she had a couple of kids — and she even called her kids that.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I just say, ‘Hmmm.’

RUSH: Well, but they can. That’s up to them. If they want to do that, that’s perfectly fine. (interruption) Well, I know, I know. I wasn’t gonna mention that, but since you bring it pick up he does think it’s four people to replace me. But he still wants me outta here. The bottom line is the guy wants me gone. The guy wants me away. He wants somebody on here talking about ‘white crackers.’ He doesn’t want to hear me. He wants somebody I’ve never heard of. No offense, Mr. Parker. Two calls in a row, people want me gone. Bob wants me out of country. John wants me off the show. For one day. This is gonna spawn all kinds of other people want me gone for whatever period of time and for whatever reasons.

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