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RUSH: Pat in Chicago. You’re next on the EIB Network, Open Line Friday, hello.

CALLER: What a pleasure it is to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Congratulations on your wedding.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I coulda kept up with you in my walker, though. But you’ve got a gem for a wife. I’m really proud to be a conservative, a Republican. I’m proud to be linked to the Tea Party, opposed to the Democrats being linked to the progressives. It’s not your daddy’s Democratic Party anymore. It’s the progressives that are — I’m embarrassed for the Democrats and I’m embarrassed for the media because they don’t get it. They’re being the people that are being led by these progressives, evidenced by the rally that’s coming up this weekend, openly being sponsored by Communist Parties, by socialists everywhere.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. Why are you embarrassed for the media, because you think they’re being hoodwinked by these people?

CALLER: I’m embarrassed for them because they’re so stupid.

RUSH: Well, stupid is relative. But they’re part of it. I mean they’re not being hoodwinked by these Marxists and socialists and communists. They’re part of the club.

CALLER: I guess it’s an underlying faith that they’re Americans, too, and this is all being very anti-American. It’s not working anywhere in this world, progressive and socialism has not worked any place in this world, and we’re running down the aisle towards it. I don’t get it. I’m crazy over this stuff.

RUSH: Well, I know. See, the problem is you’re trying to understand irrational people in a rational way. You’re trying to attach rationality to them when it’s not possible. It’s like trying to make sense of the insane, because everything you said is correct, it hasn’t worked anywhere. These people are living on theory, and the way they deal with it, the way they deal with the reality it’s never worked is, ‘Well, of course it hasn’t, it hasn’t been tried by the right people: us.’ That’s what Obama meant by ‘We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.’ Finally Marxism, communism is gonna work because we’re going to be able to print the money necessary to make it happen.

It doesn’t work, but ‘hope,’ these people live in a dreamland. Mostly, Pat, they’re self-loathing, too. They don’t like themselves. They understand that their lives are worthless and meaningless, in and of themselves. They haven’t amounted to anything so they attach themselves to a cause like this to make themselves feel like they matter. It’s why global warming attracts so many people. It may sound like a cruel thing to say but the truth is the truth. There are a lot of people whose lives are worthless because they waste them. There are a lot of people who live with the fear that their lives don’t matter. You rather I put it that way, Snerdley? Okay, sounds a little better, people who think their lives are worthless, people who think their lives don’t matter latch onto a cause and simply by supporting it makes them think their lives matter. They’ll put on a ribbon and say they matter, they’re more important, they have more compassion than you do. ‘Look, I’m wearing this ribbon. I’m a better person than you are. I’m driving this hybrid. I’m a better person than you are. I’m saving the planet, you’re destroying it. I’m a good person. I care more than you do.’

Then they go home and they sit there and they wallow in their own self-imposed irrelevance, and they are suckers for causes. So you have people that come along that want to get rid of them, like the global warming crowd. It’s classic. You tell a bunch of people who think their lives are meaningless that they are destroying the planet, but, but, but… collectively destroying the planet. But, but, but there’s redemption. You can save the planet. You have to get rid of lightbulbs and replace ’em. You have to start driving little lawn mowers. You have to support every tenant of liberalism and the global warming belief. You have to accept the notion that you’re killing the polar bears but you can save them. And then once you alter your life to save the polar bears, then you can get on everybody else for killing them, and then you really matter because you’re saving the polar bears. Everybody else is killing them. You’re saving the whales; you’re saving the baby seals; you’re saving the Pandas, whatever, you’re saving it all. You’re saving the world and you’re willing to pay higher taxes, you’re willing to sacrifice, and ergo you now feel like your life has meaning. You made a difference.

Everybody wants to think they made a difference. You ever run into people like that? I’m sure you run into them now. ‘Little Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘I want to make a difference, mom.’ ‘Well, little Johnny, realize Hitler made a difference. Pol Pot made a difference. Mussolini made a difference. Fidel Castro is making a difference.’ ‘That’s not what I mean. I want to make a good difference.’ Fine, fine. And then after that you don’t have to do anything to feel good about yourself. You just have to say you want to make a difference and all of a sudden you’re a good, good person.

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