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RUSH: Have you seen the latest Gallup poll? The latest Gallup poll, 91% of American blacks support Obama; 36% of American whites support Obama, in terms of approval numbers. Ninety-one percent of blacks support Obama; 36% of whites, now, here’s the question. Am I racist because I do not support the regime, or are 91% of blacks racist because they do? Well, who are the racists here? Ninety-one percent of the black population unilateral love, adoration, support for the Bam regime, and 36% of the white population does. So who are the racists here? Well, no, I love throwing it back at these people.


RUSH: Ninety-one percent of American blacks give Obama big-time approval numbers; 36% of American whites do. So am I the racist ’cause I don’t support the regime or are the 91% of blacks racist because they do? (interruption) Do I believe in the 91% number? Do I believe it? Well, it’s Gallup. Snerdley, I think we gotta believe it. We can’t cherry-pick these polls. Until we get evidence that the sample is flawed, which we do in a lot of cases, in a lot of polls, but just by rote we can’t reject this just ’cause it’s Gallup ’cause it doesn’t seem right and then tomorrow accept something that Gallup does put out. If we’re gonna reject it we gotta reject ’em across the board. Now, I know the theory is that blacks are not gonna lie to a pollster. (interruption) Oh, you think they will lie? In other words, you think blacks will lie to a pollster? Well, okay, but these things happen on the phone. Pollster’s don’t come to the front door anymore. The theory is that they will lie because they don’t want to be thought as disloyal. Well, maybe so. When did this fear of pollsters reach such relevant levels? I mean it is clear that people do fear pollsters. They don’t want pollsters, of all people, to think them bigoted or racist or sexist or what have you.

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