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RUSH: On Good Morning America today the former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff appeared, and during the discussion the cohost Robin Roberts asked him, ‘What do you think is the greatest terrorist threat out there right now?’

CHERTOFF: I think any time you deal with attacks on tourists, you’ve got a wide-open field. It can be hotels, it can be restaurants. There are a couple things people can do. Any time you go into a public place you want to check where the exits are, where would you take shelter if something were to happen? If you see a package that’s unintended you want to report it to somebody, and, frankly in Europe perhaps you don’t want to go around with a big American flag on your backpack because that may single you out.

RUSH: Whoa, wait just a second. Don’t wear a big American flag on your back or your backpack. Forgive me here, ladies and gentlemen. Wasn’t Obama going to make Americans loved all over the world? Weren’t we going to repair the breach created by Bush? The world hated us, the world disrespected us, George Bush was responsible, but just by virtue of electing Obama. The world was going to again respect us and love us. And now we’re told don’t go abroad or oversees, either, with a big flag on your backpack?


RUSH: Hey, I got an idea. If you’re traveling abroad and you want to be free of any worry about a terrorist hitting you, just wear a T-shirt that says: ‘I support the Ground Zero mosque in New York.’ Instead of putting a big American flag on, that’s how you be safe, just put on a T-shirt with giant wording: ‘I support the building of the Ground Zero mosque.’ How about that? Hmm.

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