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RUSH: David in Washington, you’re next. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I live on Capitol Hill, and every day I walk from Capitol Hill — I live three houses from Barbara Boxer — I walk from Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial, and I was taking my normal walk on Sunday morning around six o’clock in the morning, and I have to tell you, the place was a mess.

RUSH: It was a pigsty. I saw pictures. This is after the communist socialist rally on Saturday, right?

CALLER: Yes. It was disgraceful. Rush, I saw tons of anti-war literature just swatting the World War II memorial. They made no attempt to take their stuff back that they couldn’t distribute. At the Washington Monument I saw hundreds of boxed lunches that were just all over the place. They make no effort to put the empty boxed lunches near the overflowing garbage cans.

RUSH: What do you expect? These are union people that showed up. You expect them to do any work?

CALLER: Rush, I saw hundreds of SEIU purple placards just thrown around everywhere. And, Rush, I have to also tell you, I went to the Lincoln Memorial two hours after the Glenn Beck rally —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — for the sole purpose of investigating the garbage situation because I had been there around ten o’clock in the morning, and, Rush, I was actually there at four o’clock in the morning the first time I took my dog for a walk, there were thousands of people, thousands of people at four o’clock in the morning sitting on their lounge chairs at the Lincoln Memorial, and when I went at six o’clock on Saturday morning, there was nobody there. And I have to tell you, Rush — and I’m not a Tea Party person — I went before the rally and after the rally with my dog. I was there two hours after the Glenn Beck rally. That place was immaculate.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: There were scores of white garbage bags that they obviously brought themselves that they put near the overflowing garbage cans.

RUSH: I know. We’ve seen the pictures. I don’t care where conservatives gather en masse, this is always the case; they always clean up the mess. Dan’s Bake Sale, 80,000 people in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was the same way, and so much so that the newspaper out there was stunned, they remarked about it. I’ve seen the pictures of the mall after the Beck rally, and you’re right, it was pristine, and I saw pictures after the communist socialist rally yesterday, or Saturday, it’s a pigsty, and it’s always that way. Now, you nailed it when you said they leave their literature around, that they weren’t able to pass out because there wasn’t enough people. So they leave it there hoping other people will see it and plus it pollutes the place. But the interesting thing about this rally, folks, now, normally, the communist party is very much a part of all of these such rallies, the socialist rallies, the anti-American rallies, the anti-war, all these supposed new way to define yourself American rallies. Normally the communist party is there, they’re big organizers, but they stay behind the scenes because they don’t want to have a negative connotation attached to the progressives, to the liberals there.

This time they didn’t care. This time it was well seen that members of the communist Party USA were there, and organizations promoting socialism and communism were there. Now they’re not worried. They’re not worried about causing aspersions to accrue to the American left. You know, the communists used to hide. In this rally on Saturday they didn’t. But there weren’t that many people. You ought to look at the pictures of the Beck rally compared to this thing. I mean the pictures are stark. There was nobody at this thing and the Drive-Bys will not show you the signage, the pictures, the pamphlets, the stuff that you saw, David, as you’re walking around. They know full well who was at this rally and what it was all about. But they are not going to have pictures of this stuff broadcast to the rest of the country.

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