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Rush’s Morning Update: Way Forward
October 6, 2010

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Ladies and gentlemen,CNN ran a story aboutDemocrats already conceding November election losses;they’re now talking about “the way forward” from defeat. They plan to blameRepublicans for obstructing their agenda, instead of crossing the aisle. And they’ll claim that Democrats look out for the working guy, while “Republicans represent special interests and corporate fat cats” — which is…novel. I mean, who’s ever heard of this before? It’s typical!It’s boring!

Republicans represent special interests? Well, how about Democrat constituency groups, like job-killing unions, environmentalist wackos, felons who want voting rights, affirmative action dependents, generational welfare-state clients, global warming hoaxers, abortionists, Club Gitmo terrorists, radical Islamist mosque-builders, and illegal aliens demanding amnesty? I mean, just to name a few?

Oh!And Republicans represent corporate fat cats? Well, how about the Wall Street donors Obama and Democrats gave the big bailout towho are now turning on him because he is regulating them into poverty? Or the corporate fat cats at Government Motors, Government Student Loans, Government Citibank, or Government AIG?

The “way forward” these Democrats claim to have is nothing more than the way backward– the same direction they’ve been taking this country for the last 60 years:racial and social division, class warfare, economic suicide, and ideas better suited for a Karl Marx laboratory than the United States of America.

Democrats, we have seen your way forward, your hope, and your change, andwe want you out,now,so this country can move forward, again.

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