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RUSH: Fritz Mondull. How old is Mondull now? He’s in his eighties. Fritz Mondull was Jimmy Carter’s veep and then Reagan shellacked him in 1984 when he ran for president. Mondull promised to raise everybody’s taxes, thinking that was what everybody wanted. Reagan’s commercials were ‘Morning in America,’ and Mondull’s were ‘I’m going to raise your taxes. He will, too. He just won’t tell you.’ (interruption) Well, that was Eleanor Mondull. Mondale. She’s not dull. Eleanor Mondale., Monica Lewinsky, I think, got jealous of her. Monica Lewinsky saw her going into the West Wing one day when Monica was supposed to be there to visit Clinton. Yeah. Anyway here’s Mondull. He was on CNN last night, Situation Room. Wolf Blitzer said, ‘You know, Obama’s not feeling people’s pain the way Clinton was capable of feeling pain. Why is that? Why do you think Obama’s not capable, so far, of really doing that?’

MONDULL: I think some of these backyard events are terrific, but I — but I think he — he — he’s very bright, as a matter of fact brilliant, and I think he tends to — and he uses these, ummm, idiot boards, errr, to read speeches in television, and I think he loses the connection, ummm, that he needs emotionally with, uh, American, um, voters.

REPORTER: You’re — utalking about the teleprompters they always has.

MONDULL: Yeah, right.

REPORTER: — when ease out doing a formal speech. You don’t think that works, is that what you’re saying?

MONDALE: If you’re looking at the teleprompter you’re here, you’re here, you’re here, and your — your audience is right there. And I think he needs to do more of that.

RUSH: It’s even worse than Mondull knows. Obama takes that prompter out even when there’s not television. He takes it to meetings! Obama takes the ‘idiot boards’ to meetings. In Mondull’s era that’s what they called the teleprompter: Idiot boards. That’s what they thought of ’em back then. Here’s what I said, May 21st, 2008. Right here on this show.

RUSH MAY 21, 2008: It’s going to be Jimmy Carter’s second term! They don’t care about ruining the country. We’re running against people who want doom and gloom to happen.

RUSH: May 21st, 2008, I said that. Let’s go back, June 20, 1979, Washington on the roof on the East Wing of the White House during a ceremony to dedicate newly installed southerly panels on the White House, Jimmy Carter.

CARTER JUNE 20, 1979: We must work together to turn our vision and our dream into a solar reality. By the end of this century I want our nation to derive 20% of all the energy we use from the sun, direct solar energy and radiation and also renewable forms of energy derived indirectly from the sun. I’m proposing a coordinated, government-wide effort using all the tools at our disposal to spend more than $1 billion in fiscal year 1980 to stimulate solar and other renewable forms of energy.

RUSH: Jimmy Carter, June 20th, 1979. Barack Obama, last Saturday, on the White House YouTube channel.

OBAMA: For decades we’ve talked about the importance of ending our dependence on foreign oil and pursuing new kinds of energy like wind and solar power. But for just as long, progress had (sic) been prevented at every turn by the special interests and their allies in Washington. My administration has made a historic commitment to promote clean energy technology. This will mean hundreds of thousands of new American jobs by 2012. Jobs for contractors to install energy-saving windows and installation; jobs for factory workers to build high-tech vehicle batteries web electric cars, and hybrid trucks; jobs for engineers and construction crews to create wind farms and solar plants that are gonna double the renewable energy we can generate in this country. These are the jobs building the future.

RUSH: This is the second term of Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter, 1979 on the roof of the White House, ‘Here are my solar panels,’ and last Saturday, Obama, the White House YouTube channel, talking about solar panels on the White House. Solar panels on his house in Chicago. Renewable energy. We spent a billion dollars in 1980. We’re gonna spend how many gazillions of dollars now, and we ain’t anywhere near the thing! Nope. Second term of Jimmy Carter. Only worse.

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