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RUSH: Have you seen this talk that Bite Me is out and Hillary is going to be the veep in 2012? What in the world? How stupid do they think we are? I know this is Bob Woodward putting it out there, but don’t forget, Bob Woodward also talked to Bill Casey when he was in a coma. Bill Casey came out of his coma to give some quotes to Woodward and went back in the coma. What would Hillary gain by running with Obama? You know what I think this is? I think, folks, this is the seeds of Operation Chaos still sprouting. The fact that Hillary is still considered in the presidential, vice presidential mix, Operation Chaos continues to show promise. But I mean what would Hillary Clinton gain by running with Obama?

If she were to be his veep, she’d have to defend everything he did, everything, including the deficits that she just got through saying were a national security threat. Remember that? She said the deficits are a national security threat. She can’t run around and say stuff like that if she’s vice president. She has removed herself from the Senate. She has plausible deniability on virtually every vote except Obamacare because she’s tied to that. In my mind Hillary has perfectly, if not brilliantly, set herself up as the better choice to lead the party in 2012. So why would she do this veep business? Why embrace a guy likely to face a second historic wipeout in 2012? (interruption) To get the Reagan Democrats back that are leaving Obama? Well, that is happening. I have a bunch of stories here in the stack that Reagan Democrats are abandoning Obama in droves. (interruption) Hillary can get ’em back as veep? Well, I know they voted for her in the primaries, but does this set her up to be president on her own in 2016 by being the veep? That’s the only thing I can see out of this.

I see much more benefit if she keeps her distance. She can run against Obama in the primaries of 2012; she can wait ’til 2016 to test the waters without being tied to Obama’s self-destruction. My instinctive reaction here is that it’s preposterous. If she were vice president she’d have to live with Bill. Stop and think about that. They’d have to move into the vice president’s home there at the US Naval Observatory. I’ve seen that place. She’d have to move in with Bill. As secretary of state she can keep continents between them, but as vice president the only time she can get away from him is at funerals. I think the Reagan Democrats voted for Hillary in the primaries because of Operation Chaos, not because they like Hillary. Let’s be honest here, folks, and that’s what continues to pay off even to this day.

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