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RUSH: An interesting e-mail. A guy sends me his opinion on why the Democrats are not panicking over their upcoming loss. You know, the last couple days we’ve had people call here, and say, ‘Rush, you know everything. How come the Democrats aren’t panicked? I mean everywhere you look they’re gonna get shellacked and they don’t seem to care.’ And I have answered as you’ve heard.

Well, one of the subscribers at Rush 24/7 says it this way.

Here’s why they’re not panicked. For two days the lack of Democrat panic about an upcoming electoral disaster has been mentioned on your show. Why would they panic? Let’s look at this as a football game. The Republicans held the ball for 12 years. They slowly move down the field, they got to the red zone, failed to score a single touchdown. They just kicked a field goal from the five yard line. The Democrats, by comparison, when they got the ball, threw a Hail Mary on first down, scored a touchdown, made a two-point conversion, recovered the ensuing kickoff, had a successful onside kick, and now are throwing more touchdowns, three touchdowns and two-point conversions in about 90 seconds. The Republicans matriculated the ball for 12 years to a field goal, meaning Bush one and Bush two, but Obama in a year and a half has run the score up to 45-3, and the Republicans are already signaling when they get the ball back they don’t think they can score, may play ball control again for a couple years. So why would the Democrats panic? They got a 45-3 lead, the Republicans are already saying, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna get the ball back, but we’re gonna just try to hold onto it for a little awhile.’

This is really a good analogy, if you forget the four-year cycle. Imagine your team’s in the Super Bowl, and in the third quarter your team’s up 45-3. Are you really worried? If they score a couple touchdowns, are you really worried? No, ’cause they’re not going to overtake you. That’s a pretty good analogy. I like it, which is why I wanted to share it with you.

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