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RUSH: This is late yesterday afternoon in Bowie, Maryland, Bowie State University, a rally for the reelection of Governor Martin O’Malley, President Obama spoke.

OBAMA: I’m pretty sure if I said the sky was blue, they’d say no. If I said there are fish in the sea, they’d say no. See, their — their calculation was, if Obama fails, then we win. (crowd booing) That was their calculation.

RUSH: I continue to live rent free inside the mind of Barack Obama, because there wasn’t one Republican who said this. It was just I, only I, El Rushbo, said, ‘I hope he fails.’ (imitating Obama) ‘See, their calculation was, Obama fails, we win. That was their calculation.’ Meanwhile, he’s at a campaign rally for somebody else talking about himself. Now, at this rally at Bowie State University, a rally for the reelection of the Governor Martin O’Malley, while Obama was speaking a protester shouted, ‘You’re a liar!’ And this caused a bit of a kerfuffle.

PROTESTER: You’re a liar!

OBAMAITE: Get outta here! Get the hell outta here!

PROTESTER: You’re a liar!

OBAMAITE: Get outta here!

PROTESTER: You’re a liar! You’re a liar!

PROTESTER: Whoa, whoa.

OBAMAITE: Get outta here! Get outta here! Get your ass outta here! We don’t want you here! F-(bleep.)

RUSH: Just your average, peace-loving, tolerant left-wing rally for an incumbent governor. ‘You’re a liar!’ And the Obamaites start insulting him. I think it’s very funny. They’re fainting again, by the way, for The Messiah. Again, yesterday afternoon in Bowie, Maryland, at Bowie State University while Obama was speaking.

OBAMA: I think we mighta had somebody faint down here, so if we got the paramedics, right here up front, everybody is pointing at him. Now, they’ll be all right. Just make sure you give ’em some space. And if somebody has a bottle of water, you might want to give it to him.

RUSH: That sounds like it’s on the teleprompter. That sounds like it’s on the teleprompter. They’re going back, they’re really turning back the hands of time. They’re going back to their own Grooveyard of forgotten favorites. When Obama was out there as the Messiah, all these people were swooning and fainting, and that’s exactly what he said when it would happen during the campaign. (imitating Obama) ‘Uh, uh, mighta’ had somebody faint down there, uh, get the paramedics right up here, get a bottle of water, give ’em space, he will be fine.’ He doesn’t know they’re going to be fine. There were 15 of them that keeled over, and I read a news account of this. I forget where it was, CNN, Washington Post. They said it was because of the heat, that it was an unusually warm day at Bowie State University. So I went out there, and I checked with the Weather Underground, it was a blistering 74 degrees. You ever heard of people fainting in blistering temperatures of 74 degrees? Fifteen of them dropped like flies, and right on cue, as though it’s on the prompter, Obama calls out for the paramedics and then dispenses his own medical advice. ‘Give ’em space, back off, find a bottle of water, they will be fine.’ Then another went down after this one.

OBAMA: There’s another one up here that got a little hot. Let him sit down. Let him sit down. All right. We got another bottle of water? If we can get another bottle of water up here and a medic up here.

RUSH: Can you believe this? They were dropping like flies, fainting, 15 of them in total, during a blistering hot day at Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland, and right on cue. Does it not sound to you, Dawn, like this is on the teleprompter? (imitating Obama) ‘There’s another one. Ah, let him sit down. All right, all right, get him a bottle of water, uh, uh, someone has a bottle of water, make sure you give him some space. Medic! Medic!’ Just like it’s on the battlefield. Now, the media is trying to explain the three dozen getting ill at Bowie on the temperature, blistering high of 74 degrees in Bowie, Maryland. Now, we should note here that the audience was largely comprised of college students, which is to say they were mostly children under the age of 27. Who else is gonna show up the middle of the day to see President Obama? So you had children under the age of 27. What are the odds that these children under the age of 27 had just realized that they are not going to get their health insurance for free on their parents’ policies?

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