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RUSH: Big Government is constantly warning us about the power of Big Business. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not. But salaries and bonuses this year on Wall Street are up $144 billion, I think, despite the best efforts for you, all of it done for you despite the best efforts of the Obama regime to make sure those ingrates, those fiends on Wall Street finally get what’s coming to ’em. They’re being paid in toto a record amount this year. I got no grief for it. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care. Washington, too, Washington’s making out like bandits in this year. It doesn’t matter to me. All I’m telling you is those of you out there who were told that your only source of happiness was having the rich have it stuck to ’em, well, the rich aren’t having it stuck to ’em. You once again are having it stuck to you. While you’re at 12%, 15% unemployment, the evil Wall Street guys are paying themselves record amounts of money, and, despite all this, it’s only Big Government that can save you from Big Business, right? Only Big Government. Well, you be the judge.

Big Tobacco makes you smoke in restaurants. Not exactly, Big Government forbids it. Big Government forbids you smoking most everywhere. Big Automobile forces you to wear seat belts when you drive. Big Auto forces you to not use your cell phone. Uh, no, Big Government is doing that. Big H&R Block, they insist that you fill out tax forms you can’t even understand. Uh, sorry, that’s not Big H&R Block. That’s Big IRS. Big Pharmaceutical, Big HMOs, they’re creating rules and regulations that are spiraling health care costs outta sight. Those evil insurance companies and hospitals and doctors are costing you an arm and a leg instead of fixing it. Uh, wrong. Big Government is causing all these regulations and price increases. Big Bicycle is forcing your kids to wear plastic helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads as they sell you their bikes. No, Big Government is forcing all of that on you. So while they warn you about the power of Big Business and all the stuff they’re making you do, you really live under the rule of Big Government. That’s where you’re losing your freedom; that’s who’s ripping you off; that’s who is screwing you, not Big Business.

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