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RUSH: Yesterday on this program, if you were listening, you heard me utter these words…

RUSH ARCHIVE: I also don’t buy that Christine O’Donnell is down double digits in Delaware. I don’t buy it. A lot of people do. But I don’t. I think that Delaware race is a lot closer than anybody thinks right now. I just… I’m sorry. I’m simply voicing my suspicions, which are intelligence guided by experience. I know with whom I am dealing.

RUSH: Anne Kornblut in the Washington Post today, headline: ‘Obama’s Delaware Trip is Chance to Keep O’Donnell on Radar — As President Obama steps up his campaign schedule this week, one event is something of a head-scratcher: his trip to Delaware on Friday to campaign for Democratic senatorial candidate Chris [The Marxist] Coons.’ Now, why? Only two things. This guy is supposedly up double digits over this neophyte witch, Christine O’Donnell. I mean, this ought to be someplace they ought not have to send the president or even a penny. This race, if we are to believe the conventional wisdom, is already over, and Chris Coons has the seat nailed down. Christine O’Donnell doesn’t have a chance. Anne Kornblut writes: ‘Coons, of course, appears to be running well ahead of Republican nominee Christine O’Donnell, even in the White House’s own assessment.

‘Delaware still leans Democratic, and since the primary defeat of moderate Republican candidate Michael Castle, Democrats have been favored to win. But that is beside the point. Campaigning for Coons — and, more important, against O’Donnell — gives Obama a chance to remind voters nationwide about the Republican nominee, whom Democrats have gleefully embraced as an example of an extreme conservative.’ So, we are to believe that they’re sending Obama into Delaware, not to campaign for Chris Coons, but to use this as an opportunity to illustrate what a wing-nut Christine O’Donnell is. Really? The president of the United States has got so much free time on his hands, they have assessed genuine value in sending him to Delaware to expose Christine O’Donnell? Something’s not right.

Besides, everywhere they send Obama, the candidate he goes in and endorses loses. Is that not true? I’ve never heard of this. They want to try to characterize the entire Republican…? In a year where four out of ten Obama supporters don’t like him, disagree with him, are abandoning him — in a year where it looks like the Republicans are going to totally take over the House of Representatives and maybe even get 50 votes in the Senate, in a year that’s totally tilting Republican because it’s a referendum on Obama — the Washington Post wants us to believe that they’re gonna go in there and campaign for Chris Coons because it’s a chance to show the country what a weirdo Christine O’Donnell is?’ My friends, my original assessment here is correct.

He’s not up by double digits. Obama’s not going in there because it’s a chance to make fun of her. Saturday Night Live is already making fun of Christine O’Donnell. Bill Maher is already doing it. The whole Democrat establishment’s having fun with Christine O’Donnell. They don’t need to send Obama in there to do this. They’re sending Obama in there for one reason: Coons is in trouble, and their internals must show it. And I want to play for you an ad. Now, all of you who got mad at me when I told you I didn’t like the ad when she started out saying, ‘I’m a witch,’ and I thought… Well, you know what I said about it. Now, this ad is running in Delaware as of yesterday, it’s a Web ad. It’s called ‘Coons The Taxman’ and it has been paid for by Friends of Christine O’Donnell. Listen to this ad. It runs 54 big seconds.

ANNOUNCER: (dramatic music) In America, where jobs are being lost and wages cut — in Delaware, where the economy is suffering, and families are losing their homes — there is one man who stood against the tide and raised taxes. One man who thought that a 911 call should be taxed. One man who thought property taxes should be hiked almost 50%. One man, who as county executive, left New Castle County on the brink of bankruptcy. Hide your will, hide your lights, ’cause he’s taxing everything out here. Chris Coons is The Taxman.

RUSH: And then there’s a graphic that says this ad paid for by Friends of Christine O’Donnell. It’s on YouTube. I’m gonna send a link up to Koko, and we’ll put the link at RushLimbaugh.com ’cause you should see the ad. It’s pretty well done visually in addition to this audio. Now, this is the kind of thing that… Well, it’s a good ad. I’ll leave it at that. I’m glad they’re running it. It’s on the Web only but it will go viral now. We’ve put it on this show. They’re in trouble in Delaware. I’m telling you.


RUSH: RedState.com reported yesterday that the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, the DSCC, is getting concerned about what’s going on in Delaware. I told you yesterday: I don’t believe in double-digit poll business showing Coons way up there. If they want to expose Christine O’Donnell, why not ask for a debate between Coons and O’Donnell? She’d do it. I mean really! Have you ever heard anything like this? They’re gonna send in the president of the United States so as to facilitate the exposition of this woman as a nutcase? Not to help Coons. Oh, no, no! Why, this is a golden opportunity, the White House tells Anne Kornblut of the Washington Post. It’s a wonderful opportunity that we have to illustrate just exactly who the Republicans are, in a year when the Republicans are gonna win by default.

Let’s see it. If she’s that crazy, let’s have a debate between Christine O’Donnell and Obama while he’s in town. I mean, if you really want to expose her, my brother, Mr. President, leader of the regime, ask for a debate with Christine O’Donnell — and we’ll even let you stack the audience. By the way, I was going to say, Red State reported yesterday that the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is sending the lady who was on the ground running operations for Carol Shea-Porter’s congressional bid in New Hampshire. They’re sending her to Delaware to be the field director for Chris Coons’ canvassing operation, which is a strange expenditure to be making in shifting resources around if the Democrats are so sure that Coons is going to win this.

That means they’re writing off New Hampshire 1. If they’re gonna take this woman off district, send her to Delaware that means they’re writing off the First District in New Hampshire, but I guess it’s worth it to go in there and expose Christine O’Donnell as the typical wing-nut Republican. Gotta… (laughing) This is amazing stuff is to watch out there. All right, the president, our post-racial president… We’ll even let Obama bring a teleprompter to the debate! Obama versus O’Donnell. And, by the way, he’s so busy, guess what? He’s gonna make time for George Clooney in the Oval Office to discuss either Darfur or the Sudan.

I forget which cause is Clooney’s I think it’s Darfur. Whatever, he’s going to have a meeting with Clooney and then he’s got so much time and such a great opportunity, he’s heading into Delaware for Chris Coons The Taxman. Oh, by the way, we posted the video of that ad, Chris Coons The Taxman, at RushLimbaugh.com. There’s an entire website called ‘CoonsTheTaxman.com.’ No WWW in front of it. Just CoonsTheTaxman.com. Friends of Christine O’Donnell. And that’s where you can see the ad. Go straight to it if you want to, or we’ve linked to it at RushLimbaugh.com. This is the kind of stuff that is good coming out of the O’Donnell campaign.


RUSH: Why can’t they bring Biden into Delaware, by the way? Why does Obama have to go in there? Obama’s the kiss of death. Obama is a disgrace under pressure. Everybody looks at adversity as grace under pressure. Obama’s a disgrace under pressure and if the teleprompter bombs out, it’s even worse.


RUSH: I’m still laughing at the idea Obama’s being sent into Delaware ’cause it’s an opportunity to show Delaware and the rest of the country what a nutcase Christine O’Donnell is. Delaware already knows what nutcases are. I mean where does Biden come from? I’m still laughing myself silly over this supposed theory.


RUSH: Make no mistake about it, folks, make none, the White House is sniffing something happening in Delaware. There is a late surge of support for Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. I want to play this ad for you again. You don’t send the president of the United States into Delaware for the express purpose — I’m surprised the people at the Washington Post — well, no, I’m not. I was going to say, I’m surprised they bought it. Obama’s going in there ’cause it’s a great opportunity to make Republicans look like weirdos. (laughing) It’s like Obama said, okay, look, Delaware is the armpit of the country, and we’re gonna go prove it, we’re gonna send the president in there to show the whole country what an armpit is. They’re sniffing, speaking of armpit, they are sniffing a late surge. At the website CoonsTheTaxman.com, this ad is running. It’s a Web ad but of course now we have taken it viral.

(playing of ad)

RUSH: Hide your lights. Hide everything. Chris Coons is The Taxman. And there’s a graphic at the end of the ad, ‘Paid for by Friends of Christine O’Donnell.’ And you notice the word ‘witch’ is not in there one time. So this is good. It’s a great, great, great ad


RUSH: Let’s go to St. Louis. This is Brad, and thank you for waiting. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, and Missouri dittos to you.

RUSH: Appreciate it.

CALLER: I have to slightly disagree, though, with your analysis regarding Obama’s trip to Delaware, and here’s why. To me this just seems like the next page from the same old Axelrod-Obama playbook. For example: A year ago Obama goes out making speeches and trying to disparage the Republicans by casting your face as the face for the Republican Party, and that failed. Next, six months ago, he makes the same speeches trying to cast John Boehner’s face as the face Republican Party to disparage Republicans —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — and that failed miserably.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: So, to me, this just seems like the next logical extension. Because now they think, because of the stuff that’s come out about O’Donnell, ‘Now we’ve got our face for the Republican Party.’ But this is gonna fail, just like the prior attempts did.

RUSH: Well, but, while all that may be true — and I have a brilliant response to it ready to go here.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: Even if that that’s true, you still have to go there. I mean Obama did not come to the EIB Network to use me. He did it from the Oval Office. He did not go to Boehner’s office at the Capitol Hill to try to demonize Boehner. He did it from the Oval ‘Orifice,’ and he had his minions do it. To go in there… They’re sending a lot of people from New Hampshire and others in to help shore up Coons The Taxman. But let me tell you something. The big problem the Democrats are having, you’re right, they have to find an enemy. That’s right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals 101. Pick the enemy, identify it, freeze it, all that stuff. That’s their usual strategy. They had me. They demonized me, as you say, and then Boehner. They have had a lot of people. The trouble is they’ve met the enemy, and it is us.

It’s not one person. It’s all of us. This is the shocking thing that Axelrod and the boys haven’t yet figured out. The enemy, in political terms, is us. The enemy is over half of the country. So if you want to try to find somebody that represents half the country to demonize, that’s going to be a defeating policy. You’re going to have to find somebody who represents the thinking of 30 or 40% of the country, which means Obama. Obama’s the guy that ought to be demonized — or Axelrod, or anybody on the Democrat side. There’s Barney Frank, Harry Reid. But they’ve met the enemy, and it is us. The difficulty that they are having is trying to convince us, the enemy, to vote against ourselves. Now, they may be looking at it as convincing us to vote for them again. But the truth is they’re trying to convince us, the enemy, to vote against ourselves. Because, you see, Christine O’Donnell is us, just like she said in her ad.

Sharron Angle is us. Marco Rubio is us. So the more they demonize us, the more damage they are inflicting on themselves. But you still don’t have to go into Delaware to demonize O’Donnell. Besides she’s the most demonized person in the country. You know what Obama is really saying by doing this? ‘Bill Maher, we love you (snorts), but you’re not cutting it. Saturday Night Live, we love you, but you’re not cutting it. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert? We love you, but you’re not cutting it. We need to send the big guy in to get the truth out about Christine O’Donnell, and we gotta send him in to her backyard ’cause for all the efforts of Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live and Stewart and Colbert, she’s still gaining on our guy. So now it’s time for the big guy. It’s time for the big gun. Imam Obama is going into her backyard,’ because it’s such an opportunity to portray us as kooks.

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