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RUSH: So, Obama: Post-racial, post-partisan, gonna unify everybody, we’ve never seen anybody like him. We have never seen anybody in our politics like this man who is going to get rid of all the usual divisions in the country and make the world love us. There won’t be any more terrorism attacks. There won’t be any more war. We’re all gonna get together and we’re gonna solve global warming, and we’re gonna make sure the United States is cut down to size and punished for all of the illegal things it has done since it was founded. That’s the man we were gonna get, and yet we have the president Sunday in Philadelphia at a Moving America Forward rally. (Not to be confused with the MSNBC slogan: ‘Lean Forward, This Won’t Hurt a Bit.’) This was a Moving America Forward rally. Here’s a portion of what the president said.

OBAMA: See what the other side is counting on, what they’re counting on is you’re gonna stay home. They’re counting on your silence. They’re counting on your amnesia. They’re counting on your apathy. They’re countin’ on young people staying home and union members stayin’ home, and black folk stayin’ home.

RUSH: A-ha. You wait for it and the gem shows up. ‘Republicans are counting on blacks staying home.’ We’re not ‘counting on blacks staying home.’ We are counting on enough votes of our own to overwhelm whoever shows up for Obama. We don’t hope anybody stays home. We welcome ’em to go vote. But I want to address this, ’cause I think this deserves some serious analysis and commentary. What was it that Bill Clinton said when he went in there to West Virginia to eulogize Robert Byrd? I’ll tell you what he said. (doing impression) ‘You know, Bob Byrd, he came… He came from the hills and the hollers here in West Virginia, and he had some things he did in his past that he regretted, that he felt sorry for — and he spent every day of his life apologizing for ’em.

‘He made sure everybody knew the truth about that, but let me tell you something else about Senator Byrd: He did what he had to do. He came from the hills and the hollers of West Virginia. He had to get elected. He did it for you.’ So Bill Clinton was telling the people at the Robert Byrd funeral he had to not only join the Ku Klux Klan, he had to become a Cyclops or Kleagle or whatever. A grand Cyclops! He had to become a recruiter. He did it for you. That’s what it took for him to get elected, and so we’ll look past it since he spent his day apologizing for it. He had to do that to get elected. Okay, so a tiger is a tiger. A politician is a politician. An election as an election. I know how people play the political game, and I find it loathsome in the real world.

But it is what it is, and, since politics is how we end up organizing ourselves and our affairs, we have to be involved in it. But it is stinky, and it is loathsome. And it’s predictable. We have talking points, the spin: Taking credit for everything good, passing the buck for everything bad. The lies, the gaffes, the misspeaks, even the mudslinging. A tiger is a tiger, especially when the tiger’s hungry and the tiger is falling. As Bill Clinton told us: You have to do things, or say things, to win an election. (doing impression) ‘That’s right. He had to join the Klan! I didn’t use those words, Limbaugh. I know you know that, but I know the audience knew what I meant. He had to join the Klan to get elected. People in the hills and hollers of West Virginia were a bunch of racist bigots back at the time Bob Byrd was running for office! That’s why he had to do what he had to do.’

So, if you’re a Democrat, if you’re a liberal, any transgression is perfectly fine, it’s understandable if being done for the people. But even I, your all-seeing Maha Rushie, never thought… Well, I can’t say I never thought. I can’t say I’m really surprised, but I guess I am somewhat surprised. From The Messiah such base, pedantic things. Republicans are counting on blacks to stay home? I mean, he’s playing the race card, revving up racial division. Mr. Unification. The Messiah. And now he’s smearing Republican donors, charging foreign money buying elections — with no proof, no support from the liberal media. The liberal media doesn’t like this. They’re embarrassed of it. They are asking him to stop it in their own way. You heard Schieffer on Face the Nation on Sunday: Is that the best you got? ‘Is that the best you can do?’

They’re not even comfortable with this. Loathsome, dirty tricks like these are usually the things you hear from the mouths of The Forehead or James Carville or other political so-called strategists and operatives on the cable shows. They’re the ones who genuinely run around and accuse the other guys of being crooks, or racists. But now the president? For a president of the United States to sink to that level! This is what Bush would never do. One of the things that many people were upset with Bush about. He would never defend himself. He would never get down in the gutter with these people on the partisan political stuff. He didn’t want to sully the office of the presidency. We all disagreed with that, but Obama apparently has no concern about that whatsoever. He will sink to whatever level he must sink — and it’s disheartening, it’s worrisome, and it’s troubling to see this in a president because he’s incompetent.

This is what you get when you have an agitator and a community organizer who has no experience doing anything other than riling people up and dividing people. This is what you get when you elect one of them president. It’s precisely what you get. You get demeaning the office, impugning the office. Now, we all know these are challenging times to the country, for the world, and we have an elected leader who will serve for two more years. He’s gonna go off on these kind of rabble-rousing screeds. He’s personally gonna put Carville and Begala outta work. This is the kind of thing they run around and say, not presidents. But he’s gonna diminish the entire office of the presidency (which I think he’s doing anyway) and thus he’s gonna diminish the aura that is the United States of America, which he’s doing already.

Whether by accident or by design, it’s happening — and, if it’s an accident, he doesn’t care to do anything to rectify it. He’s perfectly happy with it. But if I were Carville or Begala or some of these other people that are on cable, I’d call the White House, Axelrod and whoever, and I’d say, ‘Look, you’re president. You let us handle this muck. You let us deal with the unseemly stuff. That’s our territory. Stay out of it. For the good of the party. Stay out of it for the good of the country. A community organizer kicking down the barn is not the image we want to have as the guy leading our party.’ It’ll never happen, never happen, but you don’t see this kind of stuff from the office of the presidency, until this guy.

Have we ever had a president who was…? And there’s no other way to put this. Have we ever had a president who was such a partisan hack, such a race-baiter? This guy was supposed to end all of this! What a laugh it is that this is the same guy promised to be beyond partisanship, to be post-racial. I mean, we don’t care; it’s never mattered to us. This is the truth. ‘First black president? Yeah, fine.’ We got over that in one day because it’s his policies that count and matter to us, not the color of his skin. We don’t care; we never have cared what his race is. But he is starting to show his true colors — and has been showing his true colors in times of adversity, and what do we hear? Adversity is when we find out who people really are. Adversity is what tells us what people are made of. He’s not made of much, if this is how he ends up descending in the throes of adversity, because this is what’s facing him with the massive election defeat everybody predicts is coming.

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