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RUSH: Well, the Obama administration, the regime, the Democrat Party, continue to crack up. It’s almost unprecedented. You go through the news and the State-Controlled Media, they’re not buying this foreign money stuff. They do not like it. They are trying to get the Democrats and Obama to drop it. They do not like this whole business of the Chamber of Commerce being labeled an enemy and a foreign agent. Obama’s losing support everywhere you look, and he’s the only guy that doesn’t care about it.

Greetings, folks, great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh, EIB Network.

This is from Bloomberg: ‘Obama Loses Support in Poll as Joblessness Prompts Growing U.S. Discontent — Hope has turned to doubt and disenchantment for almost half of President Barack Obama’s supporters.’ The author of this piece is Mike Dorning. ‘More than 4 of 10 likely voters who say they once considered themselves Obama backers now are either less supportive or say they no longer support him at all, according to a Bloomberg National Poll conducted Oct. 7-10. Three weeks before the Nov. 2 congressional elections that Republicans are trying to make a referendum on Obama.’ Republicans don’t have to even try to do that.

I told you I talked to a ranking Republican last week. I’m gonna update that, but just sit tight, we’ll get there in due course. This line here, ‘Republicans are trying to make a referendum on Obama.’ For crying out loud, Obama is making it a referendum on Obama. Republicans are sitting around twiddling their thumbs by design. The House Republicans have their Pledge, but everywhere else it’s pretty much — I mean, they will tell you if you ask them, if you ask ranking Republicans what is this election all about, it’s entirely a hundred percent a vote against incumbents, against Democrats. It’s not for Republicans. And they need to take advantage of that in a proactive way at some point. As I say, more on this as the program unfolds.

Charlie Cook, who is the guru of political pollsters and predictors and so forth inside the Beltway, his latest dispatch moving five more races from safe for the Democrats to competitive. There’s safe to leaning to toss-up to lean Republican. There is Texas District 22. These are all solid Democrat moving to likely Democrat. They’re moving toward the Republican and they’re still three weeks out so there’s plenty of room for the movement to continue. New Mexico District 3, Minnesota District 8, Massachusetts District 4, and Arizona District 7. The names are irrelevant right now, you wouldn’t know ’em and nobody does, but they’re solid Democrat districts that are now starting to tighten up. And now 40 to 45% of Obama voters are showing discontent or abandonment and it’s based entirely on the economy.

Here from CNNMoney.com: ‘As bad as job losses were during the recession, we’re about to find out that things were even worse.’ Yeah, we have to be told this by the government otherwise we might not have noticed? Hey, CNN, I hate to tell you, we’ve known things are worse than what the government has been saying because we are living it. And now so is Rick Sanchez. He could probably report accurately on this for the first time in a long time, being out of work. Well, he probably got some severance pay package out there.

Oh, get this. Who runs the Stewart show? Comedy Central? Okay, they’re putting out a memo to all their employees begging them to go to his Mock-The-People rally. They’re trying to outdo the thing that happened with Glenn Beck on August 28th. They’re out there begging ’cause there’s no grassroots for this thing at all, which everybody knows. But it won’t be covered that way if they do get — I mean, I saw the other day that Arianna Huffing and Puffington — I was able to understand what she said because it was written, I didn’t need a translator listening to her — she’s chartered, what, $250,000 worth of buses, free buses to put people on to bus them down to Washington for the Mock-The-People rally. And they know what they’re up against. They’ve gotta turn out a lot of people or the only people who are going to be laughed at are them, and they’re used to being laughed with, not laughed at.

‘The government,’ back to CNN’s pathetic effort here, ‘The government currently estimates that 2.2 million jobs were lost from April of 2009 through March of this year, a significant portion of the 7.8 million jobs lost since the start of 2008. But in a little-noticed note at the bottom of September’s jobs report, the Labor Department said it now appears there were 366,000 additional jobs lost during the 12 months that ended in March, a revision that is not yet included in the official numbers.’ I’m sorry, CNN, we’ve been on the cutting edge about this. We told people last week about this because we read last week all the way to the bottom of the report. We didn’t wait for you at CNN to do it. We have been notified of the revisions of jobless numbers every week. And one of the reasons why the government is massaging these numbers and revising them is to make them look not as bad every week because they’re changing the baseline every week. They’ve even gone so far as to change the baseline of available jobs to get. One of the ways they are keeping the unemployment number below 10% is to simply report that there are less jobs to be had. So therefore unemployment as a percentage is able to stay consistent. If they had kept the number of jobs available, what they were before all this happened, well, we would be looking at 10 to 12% in the U3, which is what is being reported. So everything here is being doctored.

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