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RUSH: On this foreign money business, ladies and gentlemen, this much we know for a fact: There is all kinds of foreign money propping up Obama’s spending policies. All kinds of foreign money is propping up his spending policies. Obama is borrowing money from the ChiComs; he is using that money to pay off his union buddies. I mean, let’s be straight here. The communist Chinese are funding Obama’s political operation. The communist Chinese are funding his slush funds. Union buddies, community activist buddies, massively expand the federal bureaucracy. This is not an empty accusation. This is demonstrably true. We are using money from communists to pay for Obama’s spending. Everybody knows that they’re one of the largest underwriters of our debt. And how has that debt been run up? On what is it being spent?

Left-wing activists, left-wing activist causes, and on people who do not have the best interests of this nation at heart. Now, that’s a fact. It’s not an empty accusation. Obama ought to explain it and defend it. If he’s going to run out there… I mean, when you go after the Chamber of Commerce, you’re going after the Boy Scouts, for crying out loud! You’re going after people who have America’s best interests in their hearts. So he needs to come clean about this. Explain it. He needs to defend using Chinese communist money to expand his view of life in America. We don’t set aside the communist Chinese money in separate accounts. The ChiCom money goes into the general fund, the budget fund. It’s used to pay Obama’s salary, it’s used to pay for our State Department — and it’s not just Red China. Has Obama banned foreign governments and foreign companies and foreign individuals from buying government bonds or notes?

Why doesn’t he issue an executive order and do that? You know there are all kinds of, quote, unquote, ‘foreigners.’ I remember back in the day where Ted Turner when he ran CNN wouldn’t even allow the word ‘foreigner’ because it was intimidating, it was insulting or demeaning or some such thing. You couldn’t use the word ‘foreigner’ on CNN if you worked there. But we know that all kinds of foreigners and companies, individuals, are buying government bonds and investing in this country. You want to talk about who’s influencing national policy, who’s buying our government? Then let’s talk about it. You want to sit there and throw these little slimeballs at the United States Chamber of Commerce, which is the equivalent in business of the Boy Scouts, let’s get real about this. Let’s get real and let’s have Obama disclose exactly who it is — foreigners, communists, and others — propping up his expansion of this country’s government.


RUSH: Obama’s salary is being paid for by the ChiComs, the Red Chinese government. Unless Obama can prove that the money from the ChiComs is segregated and not used to pay him or his czars or anybody else — and thus far he’s not demonstrated that.

The ChiComs are paying the salaries of his entire cabinet, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Red Chinese have lent the United States around $1 trillion, give or take a few hundred billion. That money is commingled with all the rest. There’s not a lockbox of communist money or ChiCom money. There’s not a lockbox of Social Security money. So let’s play his game, folks. Let’s continue to ask who is paying Obama’s government salary. Where’s the evidence that it’s not the Red Chinese or some other foreign government? That’s what he’s doing here. I mean, the Chamber of Commerce is small business. It’s the heart of America. And there’s a story from these guys out today. Small business is saying our problem is not financing. It’s not loans. We don’t have any customers. Where are the customers?

That’s what small business is saying, and the Chamber of Commerce is their representative in Washington. And now all of a sudden the Chamber of Commerce, which is… Folks, this is as American apple pie, Chevrolet as you can get. And he’s going after this bunch, with no evidence whatsoever. It’s up to them to prove that there isn’t any foreign money coming into their shop, and they have to prove it just because John Podesta at the Center for American Progress (a Democrat front group) just happens to make the charge. Because they rely on this whole philosophy, ‘It’s not the nature of the evidence that matters in politics; it’s the seriousness of the charge,’ and it goes back, to illustrate this best, with Clarence Thomas.

He’s sailing along, the last thing the civil rights coalitions want is for Clarence Thomas to become the only African-American on the US Supreme Court as a conservative, somebody who did not follow the proscriptions of the civil rights movement, the Reverend Jackson, affirmative action, all this sort of stuff. So he’s sailing through, and they gotta do something, and as best we know, the wife of then-senator Paul Simon, senator from Illinois, floated this notion that he had sexually harassed Anita Hill. They dragged her into this kicking and screaming, and you know the story: Pubic hair on a Coke can, porno movies and so forth. And then the whole chorus, the echo chamber of the left and the media got involved.

There was no evidence to ever support any of this, but the seriousness of the charge, they said, required that it be looked into. I’ll tell you another example of this. Those of you who are regular, longtime listeners of this program will remember. Gary Sick — and that was his last name, or is — a professor at Columbia, I believe, wrote a book or wrote a column claiming that George H. W. Bush took a secret flight to Paris in the 1980 presidential campaign aboard an SR-71 spy plane. (Only one pilot fits in one of those, by the way, but he was on board to have a secret meeting with members of the Iranian government. And he made a deal, the Iranians would keep the hostages until after the 1980 election, and then announce that they were being released so as to make it look like Carter was ineffective but the election of Reagan — Mr. Cowboy, Mr. Tough Guy, the Iranians didn’t want to deal with him — would get them free.

Gary Sick makes this charge. The then-Speaker of the House, Thomas Foley — now, this happened in the nineties. This was 12 years after the fact. Thomas Foley, the US Speaker of the House says, ‘Well, we don’t have any evidence of this, but the seriousness of the charge requires us to investigate it,’ and this happened to be I think in 1990 which woulda been a midterm election year, or 1992, I forget which. But it was an election year, and now we’re back to this again. There’s no evidence whatsoever. But the seriousness of the charge requires that this be looked into. In fact, that Gary Sick charge, that was the original October Surprise. That’s where the whole thing originated. George H. W. Bush took an SR-71 to Paris to meet the Iranians. That was the October Surprise.

The Iranians had made a deal with Reagan: The hostages would not be released while Carter was president before the election of 1980. So let’s play this out. The Red Chinese underwrite this government, $1 trillion, give or take a couple hundred billion on either side. Who is paying Obama’s salary? It is up to Obama to prove to us that he is not being paid with ChiCom money. It’s up to Obama. ‘But, Rush, But, Rush! There’s no evidence!’ Folks, there is more evidence of this than there is of foreign money finding its way into the Chamber of Commerce and being used for whatever nefarious purposes that come out of there. There is great evidence, a great deal of evidence, over a trillion dollars worth of evidence the ChiCom money is underwriting our government. How much of that’s going to pay Obama?

Let’s level the charge: ‘Communists Pay Presidential Salary!’ Let me just make the charge right here. I, El Rushbo, am making the charge. I allege that Imam Obama’s salary is being paid for by the communist Chinese — also, the salaries of his czars and of many of his cabinet secretaries, as well as select Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Salaries and health care benefits are being paid for by funds collected from the communist Chinese. We know that Charlie Trie, John Huang, and some shady ChiCom interests were funding the Clinton reelection campaign, both openly and secretly at these White House coffees. So using the game and the strategy here the way Obama plays it, it’s now up to him to prove that the ChiComs are not paying his salary — and that, therefore, he is in debt to them. It’s up to him to prove that Chinese communist money is not influencing policy decisions made at the highest levels of our government.

Let’s play his game. Rather than sit here and be on defense on this. Let’s just take their premise and turn it right back around on them, just jam it right back down their little socialist-Marxist throats, this merry gang of communist Marxists running around here trying to belittle the Chamber of Commerce, which offends my sensibilities to no end. Why do you think Obama bowed to the president and premier of China and you all saw it? He is in debt to them. They’re paying him. There’s proof! He bowed to them! Not only that, how much money is the royal family of Saudi Arabia contributing to Obama’s government? He bowed to them, too. So there it is. I have leveled the charge: Communist Chinese money is funding the policy decisions of the United States government from the top, from the White House. Not only that, funds from the Red Chinese government are funding the salaries of President Obama, Vice President Bite Me, select members of Congress, members of the cabinet and Obama’s czars.

It’s up to him to prove that I’m wrong.

It’s up to him to release the names of people who are paying his salary so as to prove to us that it’s not the ChiComs.


RUSH: I have a picture. I have dug it up from our archives. I’m gonna put it at RushLimbaugh.com and on our Facebook page. I have a photo, numerous photos of our president, Barack Obama bowing to the ChiComs. I have pictures. I want to see Obama’s pictures of foreign money at the Chamber of Commerce. I want to see Chamber executives shaking hands and bowing to the premiere of China and the king of Saudi Arabia, because I’ve seen and I have pictures of Obama doing that, too. Obama is saying that since the Chamber of Commerce has some foreign members and they contribute a few hundred thousand dollars to the Chamber in membership fees, therefore the money the Chamber uses in campaign ads is paid for by foreigners, unless the Chamber can prove otherwise. Well, the ChiComs loan the US Treasury hundreds of billions. That money is commingled with all the other funds in the general fund, along with money printed by the US Treasury. Therefore ChiComs money is being used to pay salaries, grants, contracts, and is flowing throughout the federal government, including Obama’s salary. And that’s exactly what Obama is saying is happening at the Chamber.

Well, this is nuts, because it works both ways. If foreign money taints all of the Chamber’s money and all of its activities including political activities, which is what Obama is saying, then the same could be said of foreign money coming into the federal government and more and more of it is coming into the government because of Obama’s spending and deficits. Everybody knows this. You are fully aware of it. It’s one of the reasons why the Tea Party is taking off. It’s one of the reasons why people are donating in record amounts to Tea Party candidates directly, not through the Republican National Committee or other such venues. They are donating it directly. And everybody is stunned; everybody is shocked. Bloggers are out there saying the Tea Party’s finally arrived. They have to be taken seriously now because they are raising millions of dollars. That’s what gives them street cred. All of a sudden now they’re generating revenue, political contributions. Well, everybody knows, from the Tea Party on down, that is why we’re in trouble. We are in debt and going more so. We’re spending money we don’t have, therefore borrowing it from people, and among the biggest lenders are the ChiComs.

If foreign money taints all the Chamber’s money and all of its activities, including political activities, which is what Obama is saying, the same thing can be said of ChiCom money and the US government. And the foreign money, the foreign money, unlike the Chamber, is not segregated by the federal government. Hence Obama is being paid by the ChiComs and every other foreign investor in this country. In fact, I think we reported yesterday that the Federal Reserve says there’s not enough inflation. They decided there isn’t enough inflation. They’re openly going to start printing more money and people are fit to be tied over this. Our future is being printed away and borrowed in debt. The opportunities for people’s children, grandchildren to achieve prosperity, they can see flittering out the window. And whether it’s being done on purpose or due to incompetence is irrelevant. Why else would Obama be destroying our country unless he’s in the pay of the communist Chinese? We’ve all been looking for a reason that we can understand why in the world is Obama doing this? Why are his policies purposely destructive? Well, if he is in the pay of the communist Chinese and there was a story yesterday that a rising member of the ChiCom government says the United States is their enemy, we are their enemy. Well, they’re running the president of the United States, they’re paying his salary.

So there’s one explanation for why Obama would be destroying our country, our economy. The ChiComs are paying him to do it. On the other hand, there’s no evidence that the Chamber of Commerce is trying to destroy the US economy. Quite the contrary. The US Chamber of Commerce is all about strengthening the US economy, strengthening and protecting American small business. You know that Obama also bowed to the Japanese emperor, and they’re the second biggest holder of US debt, after the ChiComs. So a lot of things could be explained away.

And now we learn that Obama says, (paraphrasing) ‘Yeah, there never really were any shovel-ready jobs.’ Well, try this from The Politico: ‘[The Obama administration] concedes that seniors may have to dig deeper into their wallets next year thanks to the health care law. The new analysis obtained by POLITICO finds the health care overhaul will result in increased out-of-pocket costs for seniors on Medicare Advantage plans.’ Well, shazam, who knew? Now they tell us. So there never were any shovel-ready jobs, and now the White House says that seasoned citizens health care costs on Medicare Advantage may go up. Now, Snerdley, I’m dead serious. We have all been asking, ‘Why in the world?’ It’s a sensible question because everybody knows this is not how you grow an economy. Obama’s policies are destroying the very foundation of American exceptionalism. Did his father influence him, is it because of Frank Marshall Davis, is it Jeremiah Wright, all of his professors that he’s got a chip on his shoulder? No! Because the communist Chinese are paying his salary! We finally have the answer. The ChiComs are behind it.

It is a dead serious allegation. The seriousness of this charge is paramount, and I’m not retracting this until I have evidence from them that they can prove the ChiComs are not paying his salary, and the ChiComs are not dictating US economic policy. Hell, the ChiComs had a leader — I gotta find the story — I didn’t print it out yesterday because it’s no secret that the ChiComs look at us as an enemy. But the new ChiCom leader came out and actually said so. So the ChiComs admit we’re an enemy, maybe running our president, they’re paying his salary and the salaries of Democrats in Congress, and his czars, and the cabinet. Now it all makes sense. We wonder why we can’t drill for oil but the ChiComs can? The ChiComs can drill with the Brazilians and the Cubans but we can’t? And, by the way, they lifted that moratorium. That’s a big bunch of drivel because they still haven’t granted any new permits. Well, now we know. The ChiComs can drill for oil and we can’t. The ChiComs are paying Obama’s salary and his czars and Democrat leaders in the House of Representatives and a lot of grant money going to Obama causes, community organizers, ACORN, also from the ChiComs. No question.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the plot now thickens. As you know, show prep never stops. Life is show prep. Research is constant. We don’t stop researching, and we don’t stop the show prep when the show is going on. We keep it up. We found a website. The plot thickens. We found a website: Made-in-China.com. Who do you think one of the largest manufacturers of shovels in the world is? That’s right. The ChiComs! The communist Chinese manufacture shovels out the wazoo, and they export them all over the world. Now, Obama has said he now learns there aren’t any ‘shovel-ready jobs’; senior citizens’ health care costs are gonna go up because of his health care bill. So somebody’s shovel-ready, as far as Obama’s concerned: It’s the seasoned citizens.

This is just one page from Made-in-China.com: ‘Our company established in 1989,which was one of the largest farm tools and hand tools factories in China, Galaxy tools have only one export branch located in Wuxi city…’ The next link: ‘Professional Supplier of Shovel. Linyi Fengtai Hardware Co., LTD.’ and then ‘Professional Exporter of Shovel.’ I mean, you can buy a shovel, I don’t care what kind. You can buy all kinds of shovels, for jobs that are shovel-ready and jobs that aren’t shovel-ready from the ChiComs — who are funding United States presidential salaries, congressional salaries, and who knows how many policy initiatives. Here’s the story on the ChiCom general speaking up saying America’s an enemy. It is from the New York Times, and it was couple days ago.

‘Beijing — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met his Chinese counterpart, Liang Guanglie, in Vietnam on Monday for the first time since the two militaries suspended talks with each other last winter, calling for the two countries to prevent ‘mistrust, miscalculations and mistakes.’ His message seemed directed mainly at officers like Lt. Cmdr. Tony Cao of the Chinese Navy. Days before Mr. Gates arrived in Asia, Commander Cao was aboard a frigate in the Yellow Sea, conducting China’s first war games with the Australian Navy, exercises to which, he noted pointedly, the Americans were not invited. The Americans are our enemy,’ and Gates was alarmed that this new ChiCom commander would make such a statement.

So it all fits here, folks. It all fits. While Obama is accusing the Chamber of Commerce of accepting foreign money that’s destroying and polluting American politics, the truth of the matter is that communist Chinese money is paying his salary, funding his policy initiatives. I mean I don’t even know where his teleprompter was made, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the teleprompter was manufactured in China. Have we heard Obama say much about the first winner of the Nobel Peace Prize? No, we haven’t. Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize, so did the ChiCom guy, but we haven’t heard much about it from Obama.


RUSH: There’s some more evidence here that the ChiComs have much more influence in this administration than otherwise would be known. All these little events, I remember them. It’s like connecting the dots. The Dalai Lama went to the White House once. The ChiComs hate the Dalai Lama. They despise him. The Dalai Lama, if you recall, Obama made him leave the White House essentially through the back door because he didn’t want the ChiComs to be offended by seeing the Dalai Lama accorded any kind of meaningful reception. So the Dalai Lama in the robe and everything had to walk — it was wintertime — had to walk out through the back door of the White House, all to appease the ChiComs. Of course he didn’t bow to the Dalai Lama. And if he did bow to the Dalai Lama, there wouldn’t be a photo of it taken.

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