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RUSH: Sherry in Quad Cities, Illinois, welcome to the EIB Network and are you on a cell phone?


RUSH: Okay. Pause now and then so I can get a word in, because when you’re on a cell phone for some reason our phone system here made in the 1890s you can’t hear me when I’m speaking if you’re talking at the same time.


RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I’ll make the question brief. This moratorium for offshore drilling has been lifted now. What did the Obama administration accomplish by putting the ban on in the first place?

RUSH: Do you want the truth?

CALLER: I know the truth but I would like to hear you elaborate on it.

RUSH: Okay, before I elaborate, you tell me what you think the truth is.

CALLER: If there was a purpose to it, it was only to put in some ridiculous requirements to make it prohibitive and not cost effective for people to do that job.

RUSH: You are very close.


RUSH: And you are very shrewd. But let me, as you request, it was a very, very smart thing of you to request this. Let me elaborate. People ask often, ‘Why is he doing this?’ almost about every policy. Smart people scratch their head, ‘Why is he doing this?’ which causes lots of people to start searching for answers. Now, the oil question. Why is there a moratorium on Americans drilling for oil while at the same time we are funding and paying the Brazilians to drill, $10 billion we gave their company. We don’t stand in the way of Mexico drilling. The ChiComs, the Vietnamese want to have lease arrangements with the Cubans, and they want to drill very close to American soil. And we’re making no effort to stop it. And yet he puts a moratorium on the American oil drilling industry. Now, the stated reason was safety. ‘That’s right, we had that terrible explosion out there, Mr. Limbaugh, and the president wants to make sure that no other people die in the dangerous business of drilling for oil, so it’s a moratorium to make sure all the other hundreds and hundreds of wells that the government take over are safe.’ Oh, okay, fine.

Having the government get involved in safety inspections of oil rigs has about as much effect on safety as putting a stop sign at an intersection does in preventing automobile accidents. Not very much. Why does Obama put limits on the United States? I believe — and I don’t think there’s any doubt about this — Obama believes the United States is the problem in the world, that we have had an unfair advantage, that we have gotten wealthy exploiting poor people, the third world, minorities, people of color the world over. The Brazilians are people of color; the Cubans are people of color; the Mexicans are people of color. The ChiComs, the Asians, we’re just scared to death of them. I mean they’re paying Obama’s salary so whatever they want, they get. So part of it is cutting the United States down to size, making sure that we do not have an advantage like we have had, unfair in his mind advantage. It’s about leveling the playing field.

I talked to Dinesh D’Souza yesterday. I interviewed Dinesh D’Souza for the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter. He’s written a book and an article in Forbes about what it is that has shaped Obama. His theory is his father, very staunch communist, Barack Obama Sr., anti-colonialists, anti-imperialist. D’Souza makes a great case. One of the examples he gave me, Obama wants to limit nuclear weapons, and of course a lot of idealists on the left swoon at the idea of getting rid of nuclear weapons. ‘That’s wonderful, wonderful. Let’s do it.’ Well, Obama knows you can’t make any other nation get rid of theirs. All he can do is reduce our stockpile. So he’ll do it thinking he’s making the world safer while at the same time following through on this idealistic notion of reducing nuclear stockpiles. And if there is any damage, punishment to the United States in the process, then, fine, we deserve it, because we have an unfair advantage already with so many nuclear weapons and missiles that the rest of the world doesn’t have. For example, the Middle East doesn’t have one except for Israel, that’s just not fair the way Obama looks at it. The Israelis have a nuclear bomb but the Iranians don’t. They might soon, but that’s good because that’s fair. If the Israelis have one, the Iranians should. If we have a lot, then other people should have them, too. It’s just the way he looks at it. The United States is guilty and must pay a price. That’s his mission.

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