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Rush’s Morning Update: Speech!
October 14, 2010

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With the campaign season in full swing, and her husband on the trail, Secretary of State Hillary Rodhamis in Europe, lecturing the Bosnians on reforms they must undertake in order to join the European Union and NATO.

Addressing a group of students, Hillary offered pointed advice. “No one will create a stable and prosperous future for this country by stoking the animosities of the past,” she said. “The only way forward lies in working together toward shared aspirations.”

Mrs. Clinton,the entire Democrat party playbook hereis built on “stoking animosities of the past”. The civil rights wing of your party behaves as if America is still in the Jim Crow era. Your party’s “Hispanic outreach” depends on fostering animosity over illegal immigration. Your party’s economic platform consists entirely of class warfare:demonizing successful businesses and people, and stoking animosity against people who’ve worked hard to earn themselveshigher incomes.

Your party even uses that same playbook when it comes to national security. The Democrats’ anti-war fringe kooks used the War on Terror to stoke animosity against America abroad and here at home –just as they did during the Vietnam and Cold Wars.

The Democrats are a party of animosity, aimed at dismantlingthe prosperity of this country,itting one group of Americans against another and defining America as a threat to the world instead of as a force for good in the world.

So, Madame Secretary, when you’re done in Europe, come home. Deliver that speech to your fellow Democrats. I dare you.

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