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RUSH: Brian in Zeeland, Michigan, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a great honor. I’ve been a listener since my senior year of high school, so almost 20 years —

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: — and you’re doing a great job. Thank you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. You’re a genuine, legitimate Rush Baby.

CALLER: More or less. I would have been probably sooner, but you weren’t on nationally when I was younger.

RUSH: Well, I was. You just didn’t know it. Impact permeated even where you were.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Had to be.

CALLER: I thank you, sir. You made some great analysis earlier in the show of the way that the left, the State-Controlled Media has politicized this mining disaster. There was one more thing I noticed that may play into why they’re covering it the way they are, and I wanted to see what you thought of this. I have a theory, and I wanted to run it by you, if that’s okay.

RUSH: Yeah. Go right ahead.

CALLER: Okay. The last guy that came up out of the mine, which I guess has been christened the leader of the crew or whatever that kind of kept everything going, I listened to the way he was being described last night after he came up and it was basically, ‘This was the guy that kept it going. He told everybody when to go to sleep, when to get up, when to use the bathroom. He rationed the food,’ and so on and so forth, and I kept thinking to myself, this is basically the guy that Obama wants to be, and I think they played that angle up because they’re trying to prove that having somebody run the show like that can work, and that, to me, that’s the role Obama is dying to play. He’s trying to play it right now.

RUSH: Well, I can see why you think that, but there’s a big difference between this guy and the mine and Obama.

CALLER: I think I know what that difference is.

RUSH: Tell me what you think the difference is.

CALLER: The difference is the guy in the mine ended up there by accident, and Obama is trying to put us there so he can take —

RUSH: Well, no, no, no, that’s true. But the guy in the mine was trying to prevent disaster. The guy in the mine was trying to keep everybody on board and involved. He was trying to make sure that nobody went off the reservation and lost it. Obama is not trying to save anything. I don’t think there’s any comparison to what that guy did in the mine. We’ll just trust that what we were told about the guy is true so we can use it here as a discussion point.


RUSH: This guy had every article of faith that they could be saved; he could keep ’em alive, keep each other alive, if they just established some norms. Obama’s about tearing down the norms. What did this guy do? This guy said, ‘Okay, we’re down here in the dark, and it’s 90 degrees. We don’t have food and water to go forever.’ The first thing he did was ration two tablespoons of tuna fish, half a biscuit, and half a glass of milk per man every 48 hours. He made sure that there were normal sleep cycles with daylight and darkness. He kept the lights from the equipment on for eight to ten hours a day, and he had these people working in shifts. Some of them worked in daytime and slept at nighttime and vice-versa. They simulated as much as they could of life on the surface. It was said that this guy was just a natural leader, self-starter. And it’s a point that we make on this program all the time, it’s not to disparage anybody, but most people are not self-starters. Most people get up needing to be told what to do, what’s expected of them, ‘What do I do now? Where should I go?’ Some probably rely on their parents to tell ’em, their spouse to tell ’em, their boss or what have you.

Other people get up and they’re the ones to tell other people what’s going to happen. And this guy had far more experience doing what he was doing than Obama. Obama, what’s he ever done? He’s a community organizer. Obama is an agitator. Obama is about breaking down systems. Obama is about breaking down norms and trying to reestablish new ones that elevate him to positions of prominence. It’s all about him. This guy was not about himself. This guy was all about the other people. I know that a lot of people are gonna try to draw this analogy and compare this guy to Obama because they have to, because has anybody ever said, ‘He’s a natural leader, Obama, he’s born to lead’? Nobody’s ever said that. Not since he’s been immaculated. I mean prior to the immaculation in the campaign he was portrayed that way, walk on water, lower the sea levels, end climate change, save the polar bears. How? Just by existing. Simply by waking up every day, Obama’s countenance and aura was going to make the world love us. There wasn’t anything in his life of substance or achievement to indicate that this would happen. It was hero worship. It was almost idolatry.

This guy was dealing with hard, cold reality. I guarantee you, the way to put this, if you want to put this in proper perspective, if Obama had been one of the miners, he would not have been this guy that organized everybody and kept ’em alive. He would not have been the guy. Obama would have been, ‘Okay, who here deserves more of our food? Who here deserves more water than some of the other people?’ I know this is angering some of you, but I firmly believe it. We’ve been sold a bill of goods with the guy. There’s nothing remarkable. If Bill Clinton would have been down in the mine, he’d a-been the guy that has two mistresses up top with a wife up there and the three women would not know each other. Well, take it back. The wife would know the mistresses. That would be the difference.


RUSH: I’m still struck on what would have happened if President Obama had been down there, if Obama had been down the shaft. You know, we’re the ones trying to get out of the shaft. We’re gonna get out of the shaft starting in November. We’ve been in the shaft here for over a year and a half. These guys put up with it for 69 days. If Obama had been down there, the first thing he would have done would have been divide the miners by race and economic class — and that would have determined who got what rations and provisions — and who, if they escaped or were rescued, who would get out first. He would then have tried to get the miners riled up about the problems they faced and hating the owner of the mine, and he would have been rounding up people. He’d have called lawyers, get the lawsuits going the minute they were rescued. He would have demanded a solution and would have divided the miners up into study groups and told them to report back to him with solutions inside the first three or four days. If you want to start drawing comparisons, that’s how Obama woulda done it.

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