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Rush’s Morning Update: Got Your Back
October 18, 2010

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State-Controlled AP is doing its part to help drive Democrat turnout in the upcoming elections. A recent story focused on the impact that black voters could have on the elections;they may decide up to 20 House seats or they might not– depends on whether theystay home ornot.

With polls indicating that minority voters won’t turn out like they did to elect Obama in 2008, the AP describes a poster put up by a black Obama supporter that says: “We’ve got your back, President Obama”. AP then claims this message reflects an “unspoken bargain between Obama and black voters: He asks, they deliver.” And last week, Obama asked.

Now, to make sure they understand their marching orders, the DNC is spending $2 million to get out the black vote– more than they’ve ever spent in mid-term elections.

But here’s the thing. By comparison, the Democrats are also dropping $2 million into Dingy Harry’s election. Democrats spend on one white guy what they do the entire nationwide “get-out-the-black-vote” effort.

Here’s another AP story. According to a new study by the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, only 21 percent of DC blacks over age 25 have college degrees,compared with 80 percent of whites. The unemployment rate among DC blacks is now at 50 percent. That’s right:50 percent –a reversal from 20 years ago,when 62 percent of blacks had jobs.

So blacks have Obama’s back, and Obama has their back, too. He’s stabbing them in it. Daily. Learn it. Love it. Live it. Believe it.

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