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RUSH: Maureen Dowd. Folks, look, it’s very simple. She has this piece in the New York Times yesterday that’s just incoherent, rips into all these Republican women as ‘Mean Girls.’ It’s a sad, sad thing. Everybody’s trying to figure out: What happened to Maureen Dowd? She used to be funny, used to be appointment reading. What happened is that a guy she really had — she was in love with — dumped her and was mean to her. Didn’t just dump her, but did it in a mean, mean way. And she had everything invested in this guy, and she hasn’t been the same since this happened. If I didn’t have the scruples I have, I’d give you every detail because I know every detail because I know the guy. I have heard the guy explain the story, and I got livid! I was livid when I heard the story being told. The guy told me how much fun it was! I said, ‘Gee whiz! I’m supposed to be the guy with no heart here! I’m the conservative! I’m supposed to be the guy that has no compassion!’ (interruption) Oh, yeah, big time liberal. Oh, no question, absolutely. At any rate, it’s just a sad thing out there. Very, very sad thing. While everybody is trying to figure out what went wrong, what’s changed Maureen Dowd, it’s something that happens to everybody who really just gets heartbroken. (interruption) Now, not a — Snerdley, you know, why do you always descend in that direction? She was not having a hot flash when writing.

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