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RUSH: Now, to be official and on the record, Jeff Lord, the American Spectator blog: ‘McConnell, Corker: We Will Move to Repeal ObamaCare.’ By the way, we’ve heard from Mitch McConnell’s office, too. E-mails here posted from McConnell’s office sent to Jeff Lord, H.R. has received them here as well. And this is Mr. Stewart, Don Stewart is McConnell’s communications director. We will move to repeal Obamacare. This is what McConnell’s office is sending out. And Stewart in his e-mail said, (paraphrasing) ‘Look, he already voted to repeal it. There aren’t any secret donor meetings going on.’ So these denials are posted at American Spectator. We’re receiving them, too. Now, if Corker and McConnell are not saying this, if all of this is made up, there’s gotta be some very sophisticated Democrat dirty trick going on here. The website where this is all being reported is called The Davis Intelligence Group, and the Corker quote is from LaborUnionReport.com, calls itself the source for news and views for today’s labor unions, but they’re citing the Davis Intelligence Group. So this is two or three days in a row here this stuff is going on, and there are official denials coming from the offices of Senator Corker and Senator McConnell.


RUSH: McConnell’s office has also called the Davis Intelligence Group and told them that they have it all wrong, that McConnell is not telling donors that they’re not going to repeal health care, it is not true. So McConnell’s office calling all over the place to deny this as Corker’s off- — Corker’s office spoke with the Davis group, Davis Intelligence Group.


RUSH: Carol in Birmingham, Alabama, as we go back to the phones. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s nice to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have a warning for the Republican establishment in Washington.

RUSH: What would the warning be?

CALLER: Well, we Tea Partiers out here in flyover country are not only intelligent, we’re also dedicated.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: So if they don’t get the mandate come November 2nd and start rolling this government back, off of our backs, then they will no longer have a job.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question about this. Now, what do you reasonably expect them to be able to do? You’ve got a list of demands and you’ve just said if they don’t do it, then they’re going to be toast. What are they going to have to do?

CALLER: Well, they’re going to have to repeal Obamacare, and even if it’s going to be vetoed, they still need to vote on it.

RUSH: Okay, let me stop you.


RUSH: So, you don’t want them to rely on the excuse that they don’t have the votes to override it. You want them to pass the override legislation and vote on it and send it up to him and make him veto it?


RUSH: Okay. And you probably subscribe to the theory, wait a minute, who says we won’t be able to overthrow it? Who says we won’t get some Democrats to go along with it?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Because the polls are increasingly saying nobody wants this. Who says we can’t override it? That’s what you’re thinking, too, right?

CALLER: Yes, exactly.

RUSH: Well, that’s pretty pointed. I mean it’s pretty clear, too. So you’re requiring an effort. You want to see action behind all of these words that you’ve been hearing during the campaign.


RUSH: They have told you that they’ve heard you, and you want to see proof.

CALLER: I want to see proof.

RUSH: You don’t want to hear them say, ‘Wait a minute, you have to understand, we’re not really going to control the government, we’re not going to have that many votes.’ You don’t want to hear that.

CALLER: No. No. You have to go and try. If you don’t try, then you’re just like the Democrats.

RUSH: What do you think of the House leadership’s promise to have open debate on the floor of the House and the promise to be civil?

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