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Rush’s Morning Update: This Time…
October 21, 2010

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According to a new Washington Post poll over half the country thinks federal workers are overpaid. More than three-quarters believe federal workers get higher wages and benefits than their private-sector counterparts. Which happens to be true.

It goes deeper than that. Half say government workers don’t work as hard; and over a third think they aren’t as qualified as private-sector employees. But Democrats – members of the Party of ever-expanding government – overwhelmingly hold more favorable viewsof federal workers.

Now, none of this is a surprise to me, your host, El Rushbo. This past year, we’ve seen story after story detailing the six-figure salaries and generous benefits packages accorded to government workers. Not to mention their Cadillac pension plans. Also, the worst excesses at the federal level are mirrored in state and local governments.

But at least there’s no unemployment crisis on the federal level. Right now there are almost two million people on the federal payroll. Many of them are unionized. John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees – the biggest of the bunch – says you criticsought to”get the hell out of here” if you don’t think federal workers work hard.

All right, well, let’s go back in time. When Republicans won the House in 1994, then-President Clinton declared that “the era of Big Government” was over. Today, it’s back – bigger and more expensive than ever. If Republicans want a made-to-order mandate after the election here it is. Make sure the era of big government over. Only this time make it for real.

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